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The Top 5 things to do in Boston, whether you're a native or a tourist

Jan 23, 2000
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Pros:Lots to do and see in Boston


The top 5 things to do in Boston, Massachusetts. Not in order; they're all equally worthwhile.

1. Visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. I've enjoyed all of my visits there. I've been there at least 6 times, and I look forward to my next 6 visits. It's architecturally beautiful, with the centerpiece of the building being the 4 story tall windows looking out to the sea. The purpose of the library is to preserve JFK's legacy to the world, and it does it admirably. A lot of JFK's personal items are there, as well as well-written accounts of his political successes and failures. Even the grounds of the library are a nice visit. I've enjoyed a sunny summer afternoon with my (then) girlfriend (now wife) our new puppy. We took naps under a tree with a gentle breeze casting over us and sailboats out in the water. Don't miss this.

2. The North End. It's Boston's Little Italy. Narrow streets with brick buildings and tons of wonderful restaurants. You can't go wrong in any of the eateries you come upon -- whether it's a dinner place, a cafe or a pastry shop, you'll receive wonderful service and fresh products. It's an inviting place, with people sitting on benches, old ladies being helped across the street by young kids, music coming from open front doors. It's really a nice experience. Don't miss Pomodoro's Restaurant. Only about 6 tables in the place, so be prepared to put your name down then go drink some coffee over at Mike's Pastry's across the street.

3. The Red Sox and Fenway Park. Even if you are not a baseball fan, this experience will move you. The intimate nature of this ballpark brings the fans right into the game. The legendary green monster is fun; the only red seat in a sea of green ones that marks Ted Williams historically long home run is unique; the bleacher seats are some of the best seats in the house; the roof seats above the third baseline have their own secret concession booth; the list just goes on and on. On a warm summer night, there's nothing better to do than sit in Fenway Park with friends. Magical.

4. Faneuil Hall. It may be considered a tourist trap by some, but there are enough locals that descend on this square full of shops and restaurants, that it's not out of control with tourists. There is a wonderfully moving Vietnam memorial close by, made up glass columns with etched names all over. And, America's oldest restaurant is there -- The Union Oyster House. It oozes history and tradition. JFK had a favorite booth there; a future king of France (Louis) lived on the premises for a summer; and, some of the waitresses look like they've worked their since the turn of last century. Don't miss the oyster bar up front.

5. The Hatch Shell. The Hatch Shell is a half dome on the Charles River where concerts are held. It's a fun place that attracts lesser-known artists of varying styles. It's a clean place with a nice view and you can walk along the river pathway to get there or to leave. The Hatch Shell is the kind of place you forget about, but once you become reacquainted with it, you wonder why you stayed away from this place for more than a week.

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