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An Internet Cafe In Times Square...Large And Inexpensive

Dec 13, 2000
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Pros:Over 800 Computers, CHEAP, Good Coffee.

Cons:Speeds seemed slightly lower than other cyber cafes.

After spending nearly a month in New York (and paying premium prices for internet access), I finally decided to check out the highly touted "easyEverything" Internet Cafe in Times Square. Several convenience stores around the city were placing my morning coffee in bags advertising easyEverything (and their low $1 internet access). After spending any amount of time in New York, you become jaded, and try to figure out the angles. I figured $1 internet access must be for five minutes...I was wrong. I should have stopped here sooner.

I normally go to a cyber cafe on 57th street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. This location charges twelve dollars an hour for internet access. This particular location has high-speed access, that runs around 786K. I have also accessed the internet at Kinko's, which normally runs around sixteen cents per minute. These prices are demonstrate the going rate for internet service around the city. Printing services generally run about fifty cents per page, and accessories are generally pricey, as well.

When I arrived at easyEverything, I discovered that the one dollar fee covered five hours of internet access. I thought I misunderstood the cashier, and asked her again what my time limit was. She reiterated that the fee covered five hours. This fee is good for twenty-eight days from the last time that you update your card. So, if you add time to the card, the expiration date will be extended from the last update. While you are on the internet, you are provided with four opportunities per day to add time to your card by clicking on a banner advertiser. These banner advertisements add half an hour to your time. In other words, you can earn two free hours of additional internet access, per day.

The inside of easyEverything is huge. There are over 800 workstations, which are tightly arranged, but provide ample room to work. Each workstation provides around three feet of desk space, which is primarily occupied with the keyboard and mousepad. However, there is enough space to place books or papers, but not much. The monitors are the flat screen style, that hang from the partition between the opposing work stations. The screens have excellent resolution, but sometimes catch the glare of overhead lighting.

There are many differences between the easyEverything cybercafe, and the other internet access sites that I have visited. The primary difference is speed. I am not aware of the exact speed that the easyEverything computers access the internet. However, it seems that these computers access the internet at slower speeds than the other locations. When balanced against the cost, I think you still come out ahead at easyEverything.

Other expenses are equally low at easyEverything. Black and white printing runs thirty-five cents per page, which is substantially less if you have numerous pages to print. The accessories (webcam, telephone, etc) are also slightly cheaper. The biggest difference is the cost of coffee. A cup of easyEverthing's "Choc-Ful-O-Nuts" coffee runs one dollar. This price is consistent with what you might pay at a convenience store, or a coffee cart. However, the cybercafe's normally charge twice that amount. The muffins are one dollar, which is an excellent price for this area. Muffins at a bakery around Times Square run nearly two dollars. Other baked goods and drinks are available, and range in price from one dollar to three dollars. The three dollar drinks are the "Mocha Blast" type drinks, which run around the same price in the midwest.

While reading epinions at easyEverything, I discovered that Profilewriter had visited the very same cybercafe only days earlier. She wrote an excellent article about the easyEverything cafe, as well.

The advertisements for easyEverything state that the one dollar price will only apply until December 5, 2000 (which has already past). However, I visited on December 11, 2000 and only paid $1.08. I am uncertain if that included tax. There is a sign on the counter that states you will pay the rate that is displayed at the time of your purchase, for the amount of hours that you buy at that time. It appears that the price may fluctuate, but it doesn't seem that it will fluctuate very drastically. Judging by the line of people that were purchasing coffee and pastries, I would conclude that they are probably doing fairly well just in that aspect of the business.

EasyEverything is open 24 hours a day. They are located on the south side of 42nd street between 7th and 8th Avenues. They also have a website located at, if you want additional information. They have other locations in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Brussels, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Madrid, Munich and Rotterdam. For a good cup of coffee, and internet access, I would highly recommend the easyEverything cyber cafe in Times Square.

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