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Kings Island vs. Cedar Point

Mar 21, 2000
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Pros:They served Pepsi

Cons:Dirty, cheesy, and not worth the money

I am definitely not expert on this but giving you my opinion because I've been to both. I am from Ohio and live close to King's Island. This is a great theme park. WOW!! Love it. Has great rides and is very, very clean.
Cedar point was not clean. I thought it was dirty and had way to many bugs. They shouldn't have built where they did with all the water. Bugs were on top of you all the time while your waiting to ride a ride. They also had some sort of security guard standing in all of the lines to get on a ride. I don't know about anyone else but that did not make me feel comfortable. I was wondering what kind of trouble they have there to put guards at the lines. Little uneasy.
They have quite a few dead ends and they don't let you know that on your map so you end up walking down this big, long path and suddenly........dead end. That turned out to be something very irritating after awhile. I will admit they had more rides at Cedar Point but the whole atmosphere was one at a carnival. The rides they did have didn't look to be in all the best shape and actually kind of cheap looking.
So my overall choice would be King's Island. Much better atmosphere and much cleaner. They also have wonderful shows you can see at King's Island. This summer they are opening the Son Of Beast. Sequel to The Beast. The Son Of Beast is supposed to be the world's largest wooden roller coaster. Now if that isn't exciting I don't know what is. Can't wait to try that out this summer.

If I can remember correctly the price runs about the same to get into both of these theme parks but King's Island is a much better choice.

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