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Caesars Pocono Resorts

Dec 19, 2000
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Pros:Great rooms, alot of activities, and very friendly staff

Cons:Overworked staff, could be pricey

Caesars Pocono Resorts, Your so close!!!

Caesars Pocono Resorts, located in Mt. Pocono PA, is one of the "premier" honeymoon resorts. The Poconos are famous for their honeymoon resorts. The round, king size beds, mirrors on the ceiling, heart shaped jacuzzis, these are all things that people associate with the poconos. Well, at Ceasars Pocono Resorts, the beds are actually round. They do have a heart shaped bathtub/jacuzzi in every room. I didn't see any mirrors on the ceiling though. No shag carpeting on the walls either. Their was no feel of a bad 70's porn movie at Caesars. On the contrary, Ceasars Pocono Resorts is a modern, very romantic place to spend eith er your homeymoon, or a romantic getaway.

Caesars Pocono Resorts consists of four diferent resorts. Each one is unique in it's own special way. Caesars Cove Haven, the original, and most popular of the 4 resorts, has wonderful activities for every season. Paradise Stream is a bit smaller then Cove Haven, but still has all of the wonderful activities as Cove Haven. Pocono Palace sports a PGA golf course, and Caesars Brookdale is the only resort of the four which accomodates families, as well as couples.

Caesars Pocono Resorts sports an "all inclusive" policy. For one price, you get all you can eat breakfast, and dinner nightly, full access to all four resorts and all of their activities, nightly entertainment, and a plethera of other, fun activities. Even though Caesars is supposedly " all inclusive", drinks are not included. Bring some spending money with you! Sodas, though included with dinner, will cost you $3.00 a pop otherwise. Alcoholic beverages, though well made, are not worth the $7-$9 each! You are also charged a 15% gratuity tax, and a 6% state tax on your bill as well. These costs, along with the infamous Caesars gift shop, due tend to add up if your not careful!

My husband and I have toured all 4 of the resorts, but have only stayed at Cove Haven. So, I will continue this revue based solely on Cove Haven. We chose Cove Haven after careful consideration of their amnenities, and room selection. We went the second week of May, which is generally a slow period for the resorts. Because of it being off season, we received a 15% discount on our stay. Craig, the customer service rep we spoke to at 11:45 pm the night we made our reservations, was very knowledgable, and curteous. He helped us pick the perfect room for our tastes and budget. He also took the time out to tell us of the "goodie" bag we would be receiving as a honeymoon gift. The Honeymoon Gift Pack, contained the following:

A Caesaers time capsule, including:
2 tee-shirts
2 Caesars honeymoon pins
A 24 exposure, single use camera
A Honeymmon photo album/memory book
Also including were:
A free bottle of bubble bath
A fire log for the fireplace
2 Free tickets to the nearby horseback riding ranch.

All in all, so far, so good. We finalized our reservations, and were off on our honeymoon! We arrived early, even though we had a 3 pm check in, and were surprised to find out that we received a free 2 room upgrade! What I found out from another guest is that if the room is available, they will always give you a one, or two, room upgreade free of charge! So, we received 15% off our stay, our honeymoon pack, and now a 2 room upgrade. We were feeling pretty good as we headed to our room. Our room was called the Harbour towers. It was located at the far end of the resort, directly next to the Health Spa, and Parrot Lounge. This accomidation was truly a Godsend, for we were at the indoor pool every night. Being next door to it helped tremendously!

Our room was a new room, just added on this year. It was a beauty! Along with the famous heart shaped bathtub for 2, we also had a sexy, glass enclosed shower for 2 as well! This room, is the only room to have the glass enclosed shower. And boy, was it fun! Our room also had a terrace, which the other rooms did not have. Our terrace opened to a beautiful wooded area, along with a stream. My husband and I truly enjoyed the terrace in the mornings. Watching the stream, and eating our breakfast. The room also had a TV/VCR combo, refrigerator, Bose stereo system, and of course, the king size, heart shaped bed! The bed had star twinkle lights ablove it, controlled by a dimmer. A tad tacky, but cute nevertheless!

After unpacking, we looked at the activity sheet for the day. We had our choice of 6 or seven activities with the social director, Honest Phil. We instead chose to tour the grounds. We called for our "Chariot" ( a bus that can pick you up, or drop you off anywhere on the grounds) and went exploring! We first hit the ice palace, which is the sports building. This building boasted 3 indoor tennis/volleyball courts, 4 paddleball rooms, an ice skating room, video arcade, and minature golf. We then preceeded down to the building which homes the dining room, and bar/lounge. Even though it was around 2 pm, and dinner did not start until 5, the hotess took us on a mini tour of the lounge, and dining room. Both were elegant, and tastefully done.

We then preceeded to Morris & Obie's Cafe. With a large assortment of burgers, sandwiches, and munchies, we knew that we would never be hungry! We helped ourselves to free popcorn, and sat to watch a stain-glass class being taught. Downstairs from the Cafe, is another sports area. A combination basketball court/rollerskating rink was packed with skaters. From glass on level, and upstairs as well, you can watch them fall on their butts! The downstairs also hosted indoor archery, another arcade, and pool tables.

Next on our tour was the Parrot Lounge, and health spa. The indoor pool was well kept, very clean. The pool also had 2 jacuzzis, which were also well maintained. Saunas, tanning beds, and massage tables were also available, 24 hours a day. The workout room was glass enclosed, with a beautiful view of Lake Wallenpaupauk. We never used the workout room, but it looked well kept, and busy! This building also had the Parrot Lounge, which is a bar/nightclub.

So, after touring all that Cove Haven had to offer, we were quite tired. After resting in our room, it was off to dinner. We hit the cocktail hour at the lounge first where yummy free appetizers and drink specials were being offereed. After relaxing in the lounge, it was off to dinner. I was warned ahead of time that Caesars encouages you to eat in a group of 8 or more. My husband is painfully shy! The food was wonderful, but our dinner companions were not! It really set a bad tone for my husband and myself. The following evening, we asked the hostess if we could eat alone, and she was more than willing to accomadate.

Each night at Caesars ia a theme night. One night, it's hawaiian night, the next, Roman night. They plan their nightly activities around this theme. They also had a choice of activities to choose from nightly. The first night we were there, they had a a hawaiian party at the parrot lounge, and at the same time, a band with dancing at the nightclub. A word on this nightclub. It is only open evenings, and is quite large. It seats about 500 people, and is used to highlight the many famous acts that open their from time to time. We didn't see anyone famous during our stay, but we did hear some very good local bands, and some very funny commedians.

The week that we stayed at Caesars was also the forevers lovers week as well. The Forever Lovers Program is a club you are automatically enrolled in after 3 stays at any Caesars resort. You get quite a few perks with that program, so I have been told! Well, I have rambled on about how great things are at Caesars Pocono Resorts. With the good, there always has to be some bad. Even though the bad are few, and far between, they are worth mentioning.

Firstly, the weather sucked. Because the Poconos are in the mountains, the weather is always a bit worse. It rained our entire stay. We didn't mind that much, because most of our activities were indoors. We didn't get that chance to horseback ride, use any of the outdoor sports equipment, or take a boat ride on the beautiful lake Wallenpaupauk. Plan your trip accordingly for the weather! Even though we only live 2 hours away from PA, the weather is 10 times worse!

Secondly, every time we ordered breakfast in bed, it came ice cold! The staff was kind enugh to bring us fresh breakfast, no problem. Perhaps it was due to the weather??

Lastly, and most importantly on my list. The staff, though very nice, was overworked and slow. The waiters at dinners were swamped with too many tables, as were the waitresses in the nightclubs. Now maybe I am impartial because I am a waitress, but these people were in the weeds (busy) all the time. Even the head waitress couldn't handle all of the guests! This is a big enough problem if your in a hot, smoky nightclub waitng 20 minutes for your $10.00 drink!

With those minimal complaints, we had a great stay. Sure, it wasn't Bermuda. but for a romantic getaway, Caesars Pocono resorts is for you!

Their website is for your conveinance.

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