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Also Living in Myrtle Beach

Apr 25, 2000 (Updated Apr 26, 2000)
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Pros:Weather, People, Summer Income

Cons:Traffic, Hurricanes

I agree with previous comments to please visit before you move here. There are several disadvantages to living in a tourist mecca.

Having your own transportation is important as there is currently no public transit system besides taxing a taxi. Myrtle Beach is spread out over the Grand Strand area - a distance of about 50 miles. Also, housing is not cheap as you are paying for the luxury of living at the beach.

Also, if you are looking to move, keep in mind some important things - With the influx of tourist, traffic is horrible and it often seems like driver's licenses are given through a mail order catalogue. After waiting in the traffic, if you are the service industry, your customers will often be hot and cranky. You will overwhelmed by people in the summer and hungry to find a customer in the winter.

By the way, living at the beach has a nice ring, but few who live here ever get a chance to see the beach in the summer. Usually it's because you are so busy working. When chances do occur to hit the sand, know that it will be crowded!! But, tourist do seem to have the idea that if you live here, you will have a year-round tan. My friends' responses: "Who has the time in the summer". In winter, the money fountain dries up as tourists stay home. Make sure you save up for this!

Lastly, don't forget about the threat of hurricanes. The area has been evacuated four times in the last few years and has had several close calls!

There is a positive side to this though. The variety of people you will meet can be a lot of fun. I have met people from all over the United States. There is no greater feeling than lending a hand to someone! If you don't mind the chill, the beach is more beautiful in winter (although you may not want to wear a swimsuit!). There is a lot to do in the area, and more is coming every day. The area is growing rapidly, so the amount of shopping, entertainment, bars, etc. is quickly increasing. Unemployment is very low - you can get a job in almost every area of business.

Overall, if you are full of energy, I would recommend the area. Improvements are underway to make this a more family-friendly place to live as well as visit. Also, for retirees, the area is popular with "snowbirds" from throughout the Northeast.

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