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Jun 13, 2002 (Updated Jun 15, 2002)
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Pros:Starting a Rebuilding Program New Facilities are fantastic!

Cons:Older facilities drafty (open air)

The Bottom Line: New Facilities are great, Older ones have problems and the Temporary facilities sometimes are quite filthy.

YIKES! May be what you want to say if you have used some of the older rest area toilets along Texas's I-10.

Wonderfully though, you may never have to gasp that in horror much longer!

The state of texas has to build and maintain a massive network of rest areas to serve its many miles of interstate highways.

Due to the large size of the state, these rest areas are far flung in between the cities across the state.

This is a discussion of the Rest Area Bathroom Facilities on I-10 in Texas.

I-10 in texas has been around for awhile and so have the Rest areas. The older units have a unique design which makes them Open Air. This is great for much needed ventilation but it is terrible if one has to take a dump in the colder months.

Although you are sitting under that beautiful Texas Nite sky, your Butt will be frozen to the seat by the time you have finished with your business. As the nite time breeze whistles through the open air partial ceiling the prospect of taking a long leasurely Dump is out of the question!

Thank Goodness the great state of Texas, in their infinite wisdom has a massive renovation program underway where these outmoded and partially outdoor pottys are being torn down and replaced with ultra modern climate controlled facilities that should make the state of Texas proud!

The transitional process is a little rocky though, since they are tearing down the old facilities to make way for the new, they have to erect "temporary" facilities on site.

Unfortunately these "temporary" facilities are more or less old trailers which are themselves in need of drastic repair.

If you have to go while enroute on I-10 and you pull into a rest area and you see these trailers only go if the situation is gravely serious!

Better to wait until you see a cluster of fast food restaurants or something and hop off at that exit and go.
Chances are, however, since there are many LONG barren stretches of lonely interstate in Texas, you may be stuck and have to try to make a go at it anyway.

As a consolation, the rest areas are reasonably safe and well lighted. The older facilities although outdated are usually fairly clean....just cold in the winter!!!!

The new facilities are ultra nice almost like going in a hotel toilet. If you are into nice toilets, then the new toilets that Texas is installing in place of the older ones are worth the car trip to Texas alone!

In the years to come, as Texas completes its replacement of its aging rest area toilets, they will have a fine place along the interstate where families can stop and picnic, stretch their legs, get refreshments and relieve themselves if need be. The transition there (as in most states) is time consuming and shaky at times but will be worth the effort when complete.

There is no known date when ALL of the restrooms on ALL Texas interstates will be renovated but believe me, the replacement facilities will make your journey through the Lone Star State more enjoyable!

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