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Christmas at Disneyland!

Oct 18, 2006 (Updated Oct 18, 2006)
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Pros:Be prepared for crowds and park hop. The snow makes it all worth while!

Cons:What can I say...go early! The crowds are beyond belief!

The Bottom Line: If you are the sort of person who hates crowds, then avoid Disneyland at all costs on Christmas Day...but if you like fantasy, go for the SNOW!

Two christmas's ago our family of five, decided to go to Disneyland on Christmas Day. We thought we were pretty clever and that the park would most likely be empty but boy were we WRONG!!

We arrived at 8:30am intending to make the most of both Disneyland and Disney California in the same day, but to our shock and horror the car park was almost completely full!

It took us nearly an hour to buy our tickets and go inside the park and in the meantime my brother and his family were supposed to be meeting us after they had their Christmas morning. At about 10:00am he called me on my cell phone to say that he was going home because there was a sign out front which said Disneyland FULL! He was in shock. We are both from Southern California and neither of us had ever experienced a full Disneyland.

Disappointed that my brother and family couldn't meet us, we plodded along through the crowds as best we could but it was near impossible to go on any rides even with the "fast passes" without waiting an hour or more.

Now the worst part of all of this is that our family now lives in New Zealand and we were only in California for a few days, so leaving and coming back another time was not an option.

Finally, after about three hours of pushing and shoving, we decided to quit Disneyland and head over to Disney California to see if that was any better. To our great surprise, not only was it better, it was nearly empty!!

I immediately called my brother and told him that Disney California was empty and he and his family came right down! We had such a blast at Disney California but the story on Disneyland isn't over yet.

After watching the beautiful and nostalgic "Electric Light Parade" in Disney California we ventured back over to Disneyland because we wanted the kids to get the most out of their trip...who knew when we would be back from New Zealand. Also, we were told that it snowed in Disneyland on Christmas and this I had to see.

Back in Disneyland with more pushing and shoving...and people were literally wall to wall, we found a spot on Main Street for the big finale.

Suddenly, amongst all these extremely grumpy people, most of whom had long forgotten that it was Christmas because of all the shoving and crowdedness...a beautiful voice was heard over the speaker system. I couldn't see who was singing, but I assumed it was Tinkerbell. Then the fireworks started and I could tell people were calming down. When the fireworks stopped, and the applause ended, the voice started again, and with it...THE SNOW!!!

It was the most incredible sight I have ever witnessed in my life. It was literally snowing on main street, and I could see grown men crying...I'm crying now as I write this review! It was truly spectacular and moving!

For more information on Christmas Activities at Disneyland go to: http://www.disneymouselinks.com/Christmas-At-Disneyland.asp

After all the crowds and grumpy people, I would do it all again just to see it snow at Disneyland on Christmas!

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