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Lagoon, Utah's Six Flags

Aug 10, 2003 (Updated Aug 10, 2003)
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Pros:not all the rides are roller coasters

Cons:food is pricey but good

The Bottom Line: This park is great for the whole family because it has rides to meet every bodys crazy needs.

I've lived in Utah all my life and I know that there are 2 amusement parks in Utah but for some reason Epinions does not show the Utah Fun Dome.But thats off the subject I'm talking about Lagoon.
Lagoon has a variety of rides.Lagoon is not like Six Flags where there are a few thrill rides and the rest are roller coasters.Lagoon has 5 roller coasters and one babie roller coaster.The best roller coaster to me is the one new this year.
The new roller coaster is called The Spider.The Spider is a roller coaster that has cars that spin.But thats not the coolest part.The cars fit four people and two people sit facing forward and two sit facing back.But since the cars spin your not always in front or back if that makes scents.
Some of the thrill rides include The Rocket which either shoots you up 200 feet in the air or pulls you up 200 feet in the air then drop you.Samurai which has 5 arms coming out of the body of the ride.Those five arms can move freely while the body of the ride moves around.Cliff Hanger which has two arms to hold people and those two arms go around in a circle while flipping around.And while your spinning and flipping your getting drenched by a geyser in front of the ride.I can't say any more thrill rides because I want you to go and check it out yourself.
The food at Lagoon is great.They have the best churros and terriyaki sticks.But the only downside is it's a little pricey since it's so good.
If you were wondering the reason why the entry price for children is so high it's because they have just as much to do as anyone.They don't have as many kiddie rides as they do thrill rides and roller coasters but there is a kiddie roller coaster.
There is a giant swimming park called Lagoon-A-Beach.They got a new slide this year too.You can rent a tube and go down slides meant for tubes or not rent a tube and go down slides meant for people.
Lagoon has alot of entertainment too.And theres a thing called Frightmares where they spook up some rides and add a few more just for Frightmares during Halloween.
Lagoon has so much to do I didn't even tell you a 1/4 of what goes on in there.You just need to go there find out a have a BLAST!!!

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