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BYF - Bring your own food!

Nov 27, 2001
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Pros:a must for toddlers to 8-10 or so

Cons:the "food" is not even fit for a dog! Hassled at gate

The Bottom Line: It is a must for a toddler but bring your barf bag if you want to eat there. Security hassles you for no reason. Huge crowds in summer.

Leglland is a blast for younger children However, they have a policy that you can't bring your own food. Their food is expensive but to add insult to injury, it taste horrible. Virtually everytime we have attempted to eat legoland food we became grossed out or ill.

They don't want you bringing your own food into the park, but want to sell you stuff that is unedible at an outrageious price. I think the people in afganastan eat better, I am serious folks.

Now we sneak in a bucket of kentucy fried or eat before we get there.

Also guards hassle you now before you get into legoland. They dont want my wife caryring pepper spray for fear she is a terrorist wanting to take over legoland. Come on folks! We don't want a hard time to get into the park which we paid $300 to get into!

If I wanted a hassle I would buy a plane ticket! The managment of legoland has to get a better gripe on reality.
Also don't even attempt to go there in the summer, it is pure hell. spring, winter and fall is when you want to go.

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