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LEGOLAND!! Better than Disneyland???

Jan 28, 2000 (Updated Feb 10, 2000)
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Pros:Great place for all ages

Cons:rides are slow and more for kids

Ever build a Lego town when you were a kid and wish you could crawl inside it? I know when I was older, and Lego finally came out with little Lego dudes, I was really happy. Now, I finally had someone who lived in my little Lego house, and drove my Lego truck.
Now that I am an adult (well, some will argue if I have reached mental adulthood) and have kids of my own, Legos play an even more important role in my life. Besides stepping on them nightly, my children own every color shape and size Lego known to man. We own "GIRL" Legos, "TECHNIC" Legos, Legos that fly, roll, and with MINDSTORM we can virtually build them to fetch our paper!
So, naturally when my family and I made our homage from Kansas to California for the Holidays, Legoland was a must. Let me digress a moment and tell you that I am originally a Californian. I used to live at Disneyland. I had an annual membership and passes to every "private party" in the 80's. I have made my way through every hidden tunnel, seen Mickey with his head off, and have since been back to see the many changes. So, when I tell you that I like Legoland better than Disneyland, it is (trust me) an expert opinion!
Now, will everyone like Legoland better? I don't think so. Legoland is for those who like to take it slow, and for those who are less interested in fast rides, but prefer to marvel at creativity.
While in Legoland you can take a class on how to program a Mindstorm Robot. It is absolutely free! You cannot find much at Disneyland that is free! You can ride in a boat that looks like it was made from Legos! Okay so it is not SPACEMOUNTAIN, but I never waited more than 5 minutes in line at Legoland. At Disneyland I have waited 1 hour just to use the restroom!
At Legoland you will spend a great deal of your time admiring what their engineers have created ENTIRELY from Legos. There are cities (such as New York), LIFE SIZE animals (like Giraffes), and dogs that are doing their business on fire hydrants!
Didn't you ever look at a Lego and imagine you could build Disneyland with it? Well, I did.
Here's what I think, if you haven't been to either place and you can only choose one, go see Disneyland! Everybody's got to do that once in his or her life. But, if you have been to Disneyland already, and you are thinking of going again, head south a bit towards San Diego about 45 minutes or so, and go to Legoland! Better yet, take a virtual tour at You will not be disappointed!

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