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Disgusting, horrible and dangerous park

Aug 3, 2007 (Updated Aug 3, 2007)
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Pros:Didn't have to drive far to learn my lesson

Cons:Dirty, expensive, aggravating, run down.

The Bottom Line: I've seen things at this park that give me the willys. I will NEVER set foot in that hole of a park again.

I visited this dump on July 3rd and sent them this very letter. A month has passed and I got no response at all.

To whom it may concern,

I have never before felt it necessary to contact an amusement park for any reason. My visit to your park on July 3rd gave me reason.

Being a Chief Engineer, I see things that most don't. I was not impressed with anything, but concerned with several things I saw.

Let me start at the disgusting condition of the park overall. Do you have a cleaning staff? If so, do they ever actually clean anything?
1. Numerous areas had heavy concentrations of drink stains from spillage. Easily cleaned by pressure washing. Clearly not done at this park.
2. Ground covering/coating/paint chipped, and in need of repair at too many places to mention.
Almost everything needs to be painted. Very poor appearance and lack of maintenance in general.
3. More trash on the ground than any park I've ever seen--even on a peak day, which this was not.
4. There was an enormous amount of old chewing gum on the ground, particularly near the eating areas.
5. As my son and I ate our lunch, a nearby child got sick and vomited. I called to one of your employees three times as he approached, after the third time, he slowed down, looked at me and resumed walking. I notified two other employees of the problem over the next ten minutes, but nobody came to wash it away within the next twenty five minutes.
6. Cigarette butts on the ground. Not freshly stomped butts mind you, but most looked to have been there for weeks.
7. Food items on the ground, some long enough for a hill of ants to be covering them.
8. Bathrooms that look worse than you'd find in a poorly maintained gas station: 50/50 shot on the faucet working correctly. Filthy grout, urine on most of the floor, unusable toilet seats due to urine/feces on them, no/wet toilet paper, no seat covers, poor and non-functioning hand dryers. Conditions seemed to be the same regardless of the time--even right after opening. How does a park open it's doors with bathroom floors so wet that you're scared to walk too quickly?

The rides:

I counted over six rides that were non-operational. Probably a good thing.
1. Every single ride had problems in some manner or another.
2. Around The World in 80 Days was missing numerous bulbs, sockets and lenses on the balloons.
3. SAFETY ISSUE Pirates Flight in Skull Island. The boats all had damage to the bodies, but what bothered me more than that was the sight of oil soaked mats on the ground once we got going. The mats are scattered from the center of the ride outward in an attempt to absorb oil that is leaking from the ride. Why is this ride permitted to operate?? On top of that, the operator was too lazy to confirm that the exit gate was closed-preventing riders from coming in through the exit. He just told riders to pull the gate shut when they left. When did this become acceptable SOP?
4. SAFETY ISSUE The Wild One. I watched this coaster in action just to see how much deflection and sway I could detect from the frame structure as I sat on a bench at ground level. Why? The condition of the wood, even from a distance, appears to be at the beginning stages of rot, with a fresh coat of paint not even being a distant memory. Back to the sway. As the coaster came past, as it veered toward the right during a turn, the entire support structure it was on seemed to move to the left about 8-10 inches. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Stairs on the water rides: The wood has been ignored and is also in the beginning stages of rot in several areas. On some stairs, the bolts have anywhere from surface to flaking rust evident.
5. SAFETY VIOLATIONS Hurricane Mountain. The stairs have been colored coded with paint. While nice looking, without the addition of grit to the paint, it is a slip hazard when wet. ALSO, after the ride is over, and you are walking back toward the beginning of the ride, you walk past the backside of Hurricane Harbor Games, and can see that one electrical panel is open, and at another, it seems that someone took the sheathing off of some 14/2 or 12/2 wiring and tapped into the power at the breaker. Their appears to be a three foot section of unprotected, live wire hanging out of the box.

Your employees:

Without question, they are the most uncaring, unprofessional and lazy staff I've experienced seen at any public or private venue of any kind or type, period.

I saw more socializing amongst themselves than work by a LONG shot. I was very refreshing to sit with my son eating a funnel cake and listen to two of your employees who were having a friendly exchange of words that was dominated by "Fu** her", "Fu** him", "Fu** dat", "Sh**" and "Ni**a/Ni**er". That's what I expect from a "family oriented" park.

I mentioned the vomit earlier. No less than two dozen employees walked near or past it, looked and grinned or grimaced, then kept walking. Nice.

In our first lunch line, my son and I waited in an extremely slow moving line to get some chicken fingers. After three or four customers got to the front of line and left left empty handed, I was a bit confused. My confusion was eclipsed by anger as I got my turn at ordering. The cashier informed me that the fryer wasn't working , and that soda and nachos were all she had. Umm, hellooo?? Anybody ever heard of posting a sign instead of making each customer waste time in line?

Not once did I see any expression of pride in their job or their place of work. It was very disappointing. This was our first visit to your park, and will most likely be our last.

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