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Elitch Gardens - Not Worth the MILE HIGH Prices

Oct 23, 2002
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Pros:Great kid area, has a few decent rides, short lines

Cons:expensive, not too much for adults

The Bottom Line: Not worth going out of your way to. Great fun for little kids!

Living 20 minutes from Elitch Gardens we thought it would be fun to go during Fright Fest. This is when they have the whole park decorated for Halloween. I have been to many Six Flags and I would have to say this one rates near the bottom. It was pretty pathetic.

Adult Admission (48in and taller) - $32.99
Guests Under 48inches - $19.99
Children 3 and under - FREE
Senior Citizens (55-69) - $19.99
Senior Citizens (70+) - FREE
Season Passes - $84.99 per person or for $250.00 you can buy a FUN 4-Pack.

Park Hours
The park normally opens at 10am-12pm, and can close from 6-10pm, depending on the day, week, month, etc. For info on park hours, go to their web site at

Parking here isn't too bad. You will be told which direction to park in, but no spot is that far from the park entrance. Cost to park is $6.00.

Getting into the park is simple. There are several gates so just get into the shortest line and it takes less than 2 minutes to get in. One thing, if you have a stroller, you need to go to the far left gate, they will not let you in any of the others.

The park isn't big and it is flat, so getting around is very easy. The layout is simple and goes pretty much in a circle so getting lost would be a challenge.

The park is very clean, which is always nice. Never saw much litter anywhere. There aren't too many benches, and the ones that were there were out in the sun. It wasn't too bad since it is October, but during the summer this may be more of an issue.

There weren't many fun rides, but there were a few that were just super fun.

This ride was my favorite. Your legs are dangling, which makes it that much more exciting. I had been on one like this before, but this one, I swear went about 20 miles faster. It was fast and I found myself pulling my legs in so they wouldn't hit the ground. I know that can't happen, but it sure looked like it could! One good thing, they are very strict on the height on this ride. It is for 52in and taller and a guy argued with them because was like 4 inches too short, and they didn't let him ride.

This ride pulls the roller coaster up and then shoots you through loops and then the roller coaster goes straight up a "wall." Then it goes down and takes you through the ride backward, hence the name Boomerang ! This is a great ride. Don't forget to smile, as they take your picture!

This ride takes you up 22 stories and then drops you straight down. You are sitting in a seat with a restraint that comes down over your head. This ride is very tame, you don't even really hear people screaming on the way down.

My husband and I almost died laughing when we saw this ride. This is the newest ride and the cheesiest. They made it look so great on TV, so when we saw it, it was a huge disappointment. You get strapped into this gondola and then it lays down like you are flying. You go up a spiral lift and then you go "flying" down the track. It is slow and just not even worth the wait.

This pretty much does it for the adult rides

This is the land for little kids 52inches and smaller. Here there are mini roller coasters, airports, boats, etc. Since my little girl is only 18 months, we usually go here for her to look. She will not go on the rides alone and we were informed we couldn't go on some with her. This time though, there were witches handing out bags for the little kids so they could go trick or treating! Madison went to the first person and didn't really know what to do, but after she realized she got candy for saying trick or treat, she ran right to the next person and yelled "TICK A TEET!!!" She was so proud of herself.

Food, as expected, is expensive. We ate at Subway and spent about $18.00 for sandwiches for the three of us. $6 per sandwich and then my little girls kids meal. We bought a refillable for $5, then you could refill it for $1-$2. Much cheaper than having to buy us each one and then another when we get thirsty again. Regular size pops and water bottles are $2.50-$3.00.

There were several shows for Fright Fest going on like Seances, haunted houses etc. Since my little girl is little, we didn't go, since we didn't want her to be scared. There was one magic show going on that the little kids were really enjoying. You can get a flier in the front of the park that will let you know what shows are going on as they change from time to time, and the times they show at.

There is a water park that looked like a lot of fun, but we couldn't go to it since it was closed for the season. It closes early September. The water park is free with your admission!

There are plenty of bathrooms here! They are spread out and in great locations with signs pointing to them. They didn't all have changing tables, but the ones in the kiddy area did.

The small kids will love Looney Tunes Movie Land , but the kids that are in between going on the "baby" rides and are too small to go on the roller coasters won't have as much fun. The bigger kids will enjoy the adult rides.

This park is okay, but not worth making a side trip to come to it. It is a fun day trip if you live nearby.

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