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A Troubled Past and Uncertain Future

Sep 20, 2000
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Pros:new enclosures, modeately priced

Cons:poor animal care, dirty enclosures, poorly trained keepers

I was born and raised in Salt lake City. As a young child the highlight of the school year was the annual field trip to the zoo. Back then things were much simpler. The train ride was often the highlight of the day. Now with the attention that endangered species are gettin, going ot the zoo is much more of an educational experience then ever before.

I have known several of the zookeepers at Hogle Zoo over the last 20 years. Although the administration is trying to turn a new leaf with temporary exhibits, such as the koalas that will be here through October or the new exhibits they are constantly constructing, things just don't look good for the zoo.

Hogle Zoo has been riddled with controversy over the last few years. Giraffes dying, one beloved gorilla dies after having TEETH EXTRACTED while another gorilla is moved to a different zoo only to be returned to Hogle because they simply could not get along with any other gorillas, and last year the shooting of two chimpanzee's.

Zookeeper's are not properly trained in their duties, volunteer's are expected to do the keeper's jobs and all of this ads up to disaster. It is the things that go on behind the scenes that make a zoo a special place. No one wants to see a dirty pen or a traumatized animal and yet these are some of the things that await you when visiting the animals at Hogle Zoo.

The zoo has been investigated several times by The Humane Society. It simply doesn't appear to me that the animals that are housed at the zoo are receiving the kind of care that is required to help in saving these species. it isn't for lack of funding, Hogle Zoo is one of the few zoo's that receive public money's.

The solution is an easy one too. All they really need to do is take more time in training the keeper's that are in charge of the animals. If the same amount of attention was given to the animals as is given to the almighty dollar perhaps this zoo could actually become one of the best in the nation. But until this happens the past is detined to be repeated and more animals will perish as a result

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