Val d'Isere

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Overrated for Boarding but Whoa! Good Nightlife!

Jan 27, 2006
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Pros:Great nightlife, nice town, you can boast to people that your going/have been there

Cons:Terrible slopes for boarders, clubs full of kids, very busy, expensive

The Bottom Line: Go just to say you've been if you're prepared to carry your board for most of the holiday.

Having heard of Val d'Isere as the jewel in Europe's crown for skiing I drifted over there from Tignes several times to sample the delights - and was hugely disappointed!
Tignes blew it away!
As a boarder I need steep, I need wide and I need long. If you catch my drift.
The amount of times I had to take the board off and walk or push myself along was embarassing for such a highly regarded snowsport resort. So can't recommend it for boarders, for skiers a different matter, but I prefer one piece of wood strapped to my feet.
Isn't it time/wouldn't it be nice if piste maps, signs had recommendations as to whether the slope in question is suitable for boarding. Would save all those sweaty, panting moments pushing your board along, or even more annoyingly having to carry it, to get to the next slight incline in the right direction.
Sorry Val d'Isere - despite all of your celebrity sightings, opulent descriptions and rave reviews - you don't cut he mustard for boarding.
The nightlife however rocks! Enough bars/clubs to choose from that are pumping into the early hours to keep you well entertained for your 7 nights. However the average age of the dancing masses there sis seem to be around 15.
Au revoir Val d'Isere. Now if I could just snowboard in Chamonix during the day and hit Val d'Isere at night, that would be a holiday worth remembering...

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Level of Experience Needed: All
Best Time to Visit: January
Best Suited For: Friends

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