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Jan 23, 2001 (Updated Jan 23, 2001)
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The Bottom Line: It's okay. Skiing great. Service poor. Not a high amount of money for skiing.

I went to Sugarloaf a few weeks after the ski season started. The ride there wasn't much fun because I was helping out on a school trip. They were very nice about giving us discounts and gave all the kids directions.
The snow was perfect, there was a lot of trails, the lifts were well placed, the trails were long, it was excellent skiing! I've been to all the slopes in Maine and Sugarloaf has the best skiing.
The lodge was large but that wasn't a plus. There was plenty of space for everyone but it's not fun to walk up stairs with ski boots on.
The service was fast and unfriendly when I got food. The food was expensive especially considering it's poor quality.

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Level of Experience Needed: All
Best Time to Visit: February
Best Suited For: Friends

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