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I Shouldn't Have Made Contact With This One

Sep 23, 2002
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Pros:2nd Act, Choreography, Direction

Cons:1st and 3rd Acts Lacked Energy

The Bottom Line: I should not have made "Contact" with this one.

Contact is basically another dance musical in a pool of 100's. Contact may or not be the weakest, it depends on your taste of style. However, I did not feel that Contact had any real unique style at all. The first sequence features a man pushing a woman on a swing, and basically shows how they feel about eachother without using any real dialouge. The sequence sounds interesting, but really isn't. I couldn't stay awake during this sequence....there was little to really like about this one. The way it was staged was OK, but I felt that we could have done without it. It lasted about 25 minutes long, which was good....because after you sit through such a bad segment for that long, it builds your excitement for the next one. The next segment was about a woman and her husband sitting in a restaurant. Basically, the woman dances the whole entire time, and the feeling of the segment changes constantly, with some impressive lighting. This segment I found to be quite interesting. You wonder what is going on in this woman's mind, but it's hard to believe. And what is her relationship with all of the others in the room? The choreography in this segment was thrilling. It was about 40 minutes long, and held my attention. However, my attention was about to drop again during this next segment. The 3rd and final segment is about a man who has just won an academy award, but is unsure about his future. He copes with himself, and thinks about whether or not he should go ahead and commit suicide. He goes to a bar and drinks...and sees a woman in a yellow dress that he finds intrguing. Yellow is a dangerous color, but he takes a chance, and the two dance a bit, and talk....but you don't actually hear them or see them just imagine it. You wonder what is going on in these peoples' minds. But what the man didn't remember is that Yellow is a dangerous color....and he has to pay the price. He hangs himself, and the segment ends with questions unanswered and feelings mixed. Personally, I didn't care about either of them because the segment just dragged on and on. There was no sympathy for him...and why did he want to commit suicide after winning his award? I was not interested in finding out the answers, but actually forgetting about what happened. Susan Stroman does a fine job choreographing and directing the show, no matter how sloppy it may or may not seem at times. The set design is great during segments 2 and 3, but is barely visible during segment one. The lighting helps during the 1st segment but not much, and the costumes are dull, with the exception of the gorgeous yellow dress. Overall, I shouldn't have made "Contact" with this one.

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