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A Rent-A-Car That Picks You Up

Oct 16, 2000 (Updated Oct 16, 2000)
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Pros:Convenience of pick up, courteous staff


I have used Enterprise Rent-A-Car service at least three times since I have lived in Maryland (within the last five years) and about two times while I lived in San Francisco, California. Each time I have been very happy with the high level of customer service that each branch offers.

Recently I took my car in for servicing for three reasons: 1) to fix my driver's side power window as it was taking a long time to go up or down, 2) find out why my rear defroster light would turn off prior to finishing and 3) to fix the LOCK buttons on my keyless remotes. I was looking forward to having my car and thought that it would not take all day. However, I did find out late in the day what the estimates of the repairs would cost (luckily I would only have to pay the deductible and the rest was taken care of by GEICO insurance policy) and that I would not have my car that weekend as it was taken apart. At about 4:15 p.m. on Friday evening, I knew I needed a car, and decided to call Enterprise Rent-A-Car for a quote and a pick-up.

This is really the main reason why I like this company as it is convenient to be able to just pick up the phone and let them come and get me rather than making the trip to go over. Unfortunately, I have found that living in the suburbs of Maryland is quite different from living in the city of San Francisco as you need to drive everywhere and is usually not within walking distance. So this is just a godsent. I was told that a car was available and that I could come down to pick it up. I asked if they would be able to pick me up and asked me where I was located.

It was a short wait before the agent came to pick me up, took my driver's license, credit card and insurance information and proceeded to take me to my rental car which was a 4 door red Dodge Neon. The vehicle came with 1/2 tank of gas which was what I needed to have in the car when it was returned. This was the first time driving the Neon (or the "Hi" car in the commercials) and was happy that the car handled very well on the road and was very clean.

On Saturday morning, I ran across the website: www.enterprise.com and saw see an advertisement for a car rental of $9.99 per day (on available economy and compact cars) during the month of October. This was a lot less than my $33.00/day compact car rental with unlimited mileage. The catch was that you needed to rent the car after noon on Friday and return prior to noon on Monday. I knew that I rented my car after 4:00 p.m. on Friday so I decided to call the office.

Originally when I made the reservation, I mentioned that I would be keeping the car through Monday afternoon but thought that I might be able to get a better deal. The agent was very nice and did mention that this special would be available on an economy car rather than the car that I received and I believe that the mileage was limited (the number of miles escapes me at this moment). He did tell me that he could probably get an economy for me by the end of the day if I wanted it. I decided that I did want to downgrade to an economy car and said that I would keep the car. The agent then offered to discount my current rental at 15% off. I was very surprised and pleased at the offer, especially since he did not have to offer the discount.

While I was on the phone with the agent, I was told that the office was open at 8:00 a.m. and inquired if I could also get a ride back to my workplace. He told me that someone is normally in prior to 8:00 a.m. and that I would be taken back. When I returned the car at 7:50 a.m., an agent came out and quickly inspected the car and I was then shuttled over to my office within a matter of minutes.

Overall, my impression of Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a good one. This company has a very friendly staff, has the convenience of picking you up (or delivering a car to you) and then taking you back. I would recommend this service and would do it again as the need arises.

Thanks for reading.

Cathy :)

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