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A Great Rental Car Company (Hertz Was Willing to Admit Their Fault and Apologize)

Mar 7, 2008 (Updated Mar 7, 2008)
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Pros:Out of state car drop-off, friendly staff, fast and easy service

Cons:dumb reservation call center individual who needs to be trained, high price

The Bottom Line: Awesome service, special luxury car selections and great price with coupons :)


I have used Hertz for many years since I joined the AAA Auto Mobile Club because every month, we receive the AAA Southern California magazine and Hertz always has a special offers, like free upgrade or 50% off.

I just love Hertz special offers. I love cars and since I can't afford to buy every car I want, I often rent a car for a weekend, like renting the Mustang for a weekend drive.

Also the company where I used to work always used Hertz rental cars, and we get a special corporate discount rate which is awesome!

Why Do I Love Hertz Over Other Rental Companies

Most people who work at Hertz are very nice! I said "Most people...." because sometimes there are few individuals at Hertz who have poor people and communication skills.

To be honest with you, the biggest Hertz competitor is Enterprise rental car! The people who work at the Enterprise are so nice, from the managers all the way down to the workers. I think. Hertz needs to give their people a little bit more leadership and business training.

Let's go back to Hertz. Hertz always picks me up from home/hotels to their location! One time, someone tried to break into the rental car I rented in front of a hotel and the car was disabled by the passive security system. So I called Hertz up and they picked me up and gave me a new car and free car upgrade to make me happy, since they had to tow the disabled car to a dealer to be reactivated.

I love their friendly staff and they make the process of renting car very fast and easy.

Another great thing about Hertz is, you can rent a car from one state and drive to another state and you can drop the car at the Hertz location in different states. Enterprise doesn't do this! I was shocked when Enterprise wanted to charge me $400 pick up fee, to pick up their rental car from a different state if I drive the car out-of-state.I love Hertz over Enterprise because of this very reason, the make they process of dropping the car out-of-state very easy too and no hassle. Just sign some paper work and drop off the key and off you go!

I love the fact that Hertz sometimes offers a special car, like the V8 Ford Mustang Hertz version. It costs at least $40,000 to buy it, but you can rent it on the weekend for $150 to 300. If you are craving to drive a luxury car like Hummer H2, but you don't have the money to buy it, you can rent it for a weekend to have a taste to it. Instead of having a big car payment for a luxury car, just rent it for couple days and return it.

The Bad Experience but They Fixed the Problem

They are willing to admit their mistake! I called them up once in Laurel, Maryland office and made a car reservation to rent the 2007 Hyundai Elantra to go to Pennsylvania and this is the first time that they lost my reservation information. They didn't have the car for me that day!

I was angry, because my trip had to be delayed for a day. I was supposed to go there on Friday morning and there was no car until Saturday morning. They were late to drop of the car, it was supposed to be dropped off by 9 and the car wasn't there until noon!

I found out later that they were understaffed that weekend. There were only 3 the same people working at the Laurel and Columbia , Maryland Location. Basically the manager managed 2 different locations from Laurel, MD. I felt really bad for them because they were stressed out. I wasn't the only person who was upset.

The manager admitted his fault and apologize and he let me rent the car for $15/day over the weekend. He was very apologetic about it.

One thing I hate about Hertz is, sometimes you get a stupid customer service person who doesn't know how to talk on the phone at the Hertz National Reservation Call Center! Man Hertz, train your people, especially the one who will answer the phone call. My solution about it is, just hang up and try to call again, if you are lucky, somebody else will answer the phone, if you are not lucky, the same person will answer the phone again which happened to me once. "Didn't I just talk to you?????"

What Do you I Think About the Price of the Rental Car?

Some people love to play golf on the weekend, but I love to rent a car for a fun weekend drive, because for $100 or less, you can keep the car for the weekend and return it on Monday when you go to work.

My wife used to tease me when I rent a car from Hertz without coupon or a special offer. She said "So does it HERTZ (Hurt) your wallet when you rent a car from HERTZ?"

The cost of renting a car from Hertz is not cheap, and it does HERTZ (HURT) your wallet, but hei they are a great service, I'd pay $10 more to have the great service. I would rather give my money to nice people than to jerks.

The price gets lowered if you have coupons from AAA or you have AAA membership.

Will I Recommend Hertz to My Friends and Family?

The answer is "Yes!!!" Just make sure you reserve your car ahead of time. Also, make sure make the manager or the person send you a written confirmation number and check it twice! Call them again to make sure they have your reservation.

In Conclusion

I still love Hertz because they have been so good to me for more than 7 years! They treat me like a king and I love their friendly staff. I love the fact that Hertz let me rent their car and drive the car to a different state a drop the car in a different state without charging me a pick up fee.

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