Disney's Mulan Parade

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Mushu'd over to see the parade!

May 27, 2000
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Pros:Colorful costumes, beautifully ornamented floats

Cons:Unshaded spots are a killer! Security was "toned" in voice

Our main reason to visit Disney - MGM Studio Themepark was to see the "Mulan Parade". Our Daughter has watched the "Mulan" movie a thousand times, and the thought of her seeing "her" up close would be a lasting memory.

Mushu, the dragon, invited you to join him in celebrating "Mulan's" accomplishments approximately a half hour before the parade began to remind you it would be starting. Reminders were spoken up to a few minutes before the parade began as well.

The parade began with "Mushu" driven in on the back of a large bicycle cart, and warmed up the crowd by encouraging clapping, and hollaring.

The "Matchmaker" lead the parade in her gigantic dress that was over two stories tall. She held the cage that contained "Crikee", Mulan's good luck cricket. "Matchmaker" was followed by umbrella spinning maidens dressed in Chinese attire. A walking "chinese" building spun, and danced before us, and led in a "bridge" that adorned a cartoon molded version of Mulan, her father, and their pet dog "Little Brother". Ribbon waving women led in a beautifully decorated garden archway that was moved by walking, waving china-men. The chattering "ancestors" floats were larger than life as they rode by. They were still complaining about the trouble Mulan had caused! These floats were two sided, and a separate ancestor adorned each side. "Awaken the great stone dragon!" they called!
The "Hun" soldiers danced in a great force donned with bright red and gold costumes before the float of the leader "Shan Yu", strapped to a rocket (as shown in the end of the Mulan movie) rode past us.
Mushu's head was dancing in front of us as a chinese, hand held, moving float which continued as the body of the dragon. The top of the body was the great china wall. Tiny soldiers, and torches topped this float which ended as Mushu's tail. Three stick donning soldiers from China's army flipped, and danced in front of us, then began a "stick" weapon display. Following this demonstration was a man who had a gigantic pot on his head that he continued to balance the whole time! He even stopped to shake our hand, and never touched the bowl. The dragon "puppies" chased a ball held by it's owner, and came over to us. The bright orange, dragon headed puppies rubbed against us in a playful way! One short pet, and they were off! The next float that followed was the "Emporer" who was also over two stories high. He stroked his long beard and waved as he passed. The moment of anticipation had arrived. Led by six black horses, the fancy float of beautifully decorated fencing, and a platform on top, was Le Shang, and Mulan. My Daughter started jumping, screaming, and waving. The two "live" characters waved to her, and stood still so we could snap a picture. The were also over two stories high in the air, and gave the crowd a show as they spun around in each other's arms.
After the horse driven float passed us, the parade was over.

We were able to walk right over the the Pizza Planet arcade as we were in the beginning of the parade itself, located right outside of the Star Wars Ride on the Hollywood Boulevard on the left side of the MGM park.

I recommend positioning yourself next to an entertainment that you can readily access at the beginning of the parade route. As soon as the parade ends, you get the best shot of being in the front of the activity's line because the main strip into the rear of the park is blocked by the parade itself.

If you are in Disney-MGM Themepark, you must plan a time to view this magnificent parade.

Note: I wanted to state that we really enjoyed the parade, but the
"security staff" were not as friendly as other Disney staff we had encountered through our whole trip. While waiting for the parade to start, and during the parade itself, staff members were using "unfriendly" tones with spectators in regards to "toes" poking out past the "stay behind" lines. There was plenty of clearance! Video taping spectators who stood up on a bench to get a clear view were "spoken to", and now I have to re-live these reoccurring "tones" on my vacation video tape. I feel this put a damper on the mood of those who attended this particular parade event.

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