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Just like when your teenager is driving

Oct 12, 2010 (Updated Oct 12, 2010)
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Pros:Star Wars Theme, fun concept, comfortable seats.

Cons:Motion Simulator outdated, jerky motion

The Bottom Line: The Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios is an old classic. It is a fun ride but the technology seems to be somewhat outdated.

The Star Tours ride was the first ride I tried at Hollywood Studios or MGM studios as it was called back then, when I visited Disney World for the first time as an exchange student more than 20 years ago. I was mighty impressed by this motion simulation ride and movie at the time. However, since then I have taken many motion simulation rides at Disney World and Universal Studios and other theme parks and amusement parks, and I have come to realize that this ride is not one of the top attractions at Disney World. However, it is still a fun ride.

This past summer I visited Disney World again with my family; my wife and three kids and relative from Sweden. I did this ride again with my wife, daughter, and Emelie from Sweden. I still thought it was a decent ride and my daughter and Emelie liked it but it pales in comparison to the Simpson's ride or the Spider Man ride at Universal Studios.

Star Tours

As mentioned Star Tours at Hollywood Studios is s motion simulator ride combines with a movie, which gives you the illusion that you are flying in a space ship with a large windshield in front (the movie). You enter through a building which looks like a space ship terminal filled with Star Wars props and a talking C-3PO and an R2-D2. You are informed that you will be traveling to the moon Endor and you are told to put on your seat belts, etc. However, the pilot (a droid) is a little bit inexperienced (his first flight).

He takes the wrong turn inside the launching area and ends up in maintenance and almost crashes several times before he gets out into space where a number of things happen. The pilot accidentally takes the space ship into a comet cluster and inside a cave system on one of the comets. Then he gets drawn into a space battle and finally participates on assault on the Death Stars. All this is shown on the movie screen in front as the pilot is babbling on about the mishaps and the motion simulator tipping back and forth and shaking to give you a feeling of fast and jerky motion.

The Star Tours attraction is located in the West End of the Echo Lake area of Hollywood Studios, right behind the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Next to the Star Tours attraction there is a large replica of an Imperial AT-AT walker, which makes it easy to see. The Star Tours ride is handicap accessible, takes fast passes, and has a minimum height requirement of 40 inch. When we visited the lines were short.

Star Tours Experience and Opinion

As mentioned the first time I took this ride I was thrilled and I think that if you don't have a lot of experience with modern motion simulator rides you will think that this ride is awesome. The rocking motion of the motion simulator in combination with the large screen in the front gives you a feeling of flying in a space ship or an airplane at high speeds. The Star Wars theme is definitely interesting and entertaining.

However, unlike modern motion simulator rides it is not a surround ultra-HD screen and there are no 3D effects or so called 4D effects. The ride relies on jerky motion and sudden loud sounds for its thrills and visual effects are somewhat yesterday. So when I took this ride at the end of June this year it felt a little passé. It was still enjoyable and fun but it is not the first ride I would try at Disney World or Hollywood Studios. I recommend it as long as you have tried (or are planning to try) a few other attractions at Hollywood Studios first.

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Finally I am submitting this review to Carstairs38's Third Annual All Things Disney Write-Off as well as my Save Travel or Rest-In-Peace Travel Write Off.

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