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Smile, Before You Hit Those GIGANTIC STEEL DOORS!

Sep 9, 2002 (Updated Mar 9, 2003)
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Pros:fun, thrilling, entertaining

Cons:breaks down often, long lines (not Epcot's fault)

The Bottom Line: Have patience, for an excellent ride!

Test Track, is a fun, thrilling, and fast ride. This ride is located in Epcot. Epcot is the largest Disney park in Kissimmee Florida, near Orlando. This park is known for fun, but educational rides. Test Track is one of those fun and educational rides, but let’s stick to fun for now!

The Massive Lines is my only complaint. Usually the wait is around two hours. If you use the Fastpass system, you may only end up waiting ten minutes. Fastpass is a system that has been invented for the Disney parks. You take your ticket, and insert it into a Fastpass machine, right next to the Test Track Pavilion. After your ticket comes back out, it will show two times, ex: 12:00-1:00. This means that you can come back anytime from 12:00 to 1:00, and skip a lot of the line. To skip the line, you take a different passageway, which passes most of the line. After the last time on the ticket (in this case, 1:00), you can use your fastpass all over again!

I’ll let you into a secret, but don’t tell anyone! I learned that you do not have to return between the times on the ticket! You can come anytime after the first number on the ticket (in this case, 12:00). Say if you forget to go on the ride by 1:00, the staff will let you return anytime you want. That is just the type of people that Disney has!

What To Do While In Line? I absolutely hate waiting in line. Just staring at the back of a stranger’s head. After a while, I would start inspecting that persons’ head, trying to figure out if they have lice or not, or what type of shampoo they have! In the Test Track line, you will probably not look for lice in the strangers’ hair, and will not smell it to figure out what shampoo they use. The line is in an air conditioned building. Thank God! No more Florida sun, humidity, and heat making you pass out in your childrens’ arms.

While in line, you will probably notice that Test Track is by GM (the car company). GM provided the people in line with what we call “educational entertainment”. There are videos explaining the safety procedures that GM puts all its cars through. There are also parts of cars, showing how they make them, and the models that are made. Also shown, are the types of dummies the GM employees use in their cars, to test safety. There is also information about how much of an impact a car crash will have on you, and how safe you’ll be inside a GM car.

After Passing The Massive Line, you will enter a small room, with about 30 other people.There are three small televisions installed in the walls, and on these televisions, a face appears. A few seconds after you see this face, you’ll probably understand that it is a Disney worker’s face. She explains what you’ll be going through in the ride. Stay tuned for the rest of the review to understand what happens in the ride!

After exiting the small room, you will get in a row, which are labeled with numbers. There are three numbers in each row. The rows are in doubles, as six people can get in the car at a time (3 in a row x 2 rows = 6 people). When getting into the car, the workers will make sure that you are strapped in, and then you are off!

You will turn a corner, as will stop. An employee will tell you the safety rules as in “Keep your head and arms inside the car at all times. Do not stand, and do not eat. Thank you for using Test Track”. Then, you are off into the actual course.

The tests vary, as all the tests are the ones that GM puts their automobiles through.

The Break Test is when the car practices stopping, at all speeds. This is fun, as you go from 10MPH, to 60MPH. There is a little radio in the car that tells you the speed that you are going. When stopping, you use both the anti-lock, and the regular systems. When braking, you do not fly forwards, as the seatbelt is very strong.

The Heat Test is when you go through a set of high-voltage lights. These lights actually turn the color orange, as the watts are very high-voltage. When going through, you go at a slow speed. You start to heat up very quickly, as it becomes very hot. Don’t worry! Your next stop is the “cool zone”, as temperatures drop enormously, and there is ice all over the place.

Right after the “cool zone”, you go into darkness, as you start picking up speed. Then, you hear a horn honking, as two lights go on, as if they are lights from a truck! Right before hitting the truck, you turn so quickly! Then you will notice that you are heading for two gigantic steel doors! Right before you hit these doors, a picture is taken of you, and then the doors open. This all happens at the last mili-second.

After passing the doors, you are on the speed-track outdoors. This track goes around the upper part of the outside of the building. You go over 65 MPH, while the cool wind blows your hair all over the place!

You finally get back indoors, as you start slowing down. Yes, the ride has to come to an end......aww man!

You’ll then exit to your right, and will continue down a hallway. When reaching the end of the hallways, you will come to see the photo taken of you, right before you went through the steel doors. Prices range from $10-$17. Yikes, expensive!

After looking (and/ or buying) your hillarious pictures, feel free to take a look at the GM automobiles. There is a variety of GMC, Saturn, and Buick automobiles for show. You may feel as if you are in a GM show room (which you are not!). However, do not feel free to buy, or drive off with any of these automobiles!

If you do not want to look at the automobiles, feel free to learn how good of a driver you are! When sitting in a seat, a television will turn on in front of you, as a steering wheel is right below it. You’ll take speed tests, night-vision tests, rain tests, and steering tests. At the end, you will get a grade for each of your skills, explaining how well of a driver you are. It is quite entertaining, and somewhat realistic.

When you go on Test Track, remember to Smile, Before You Hit Those GIGANTIC STEEL DOORS!

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