The Haunted Mansion

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Spooky and Delightful for Everyone! Come Meet the Happy Haunts

Mar 21, 2007 (Updated Oct 30, 2007)
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Pros:Always something new to look at!


The Bottom Line: Come see what the Haunted Mansion is all about. It's not quite Haunted but it's humourous, and fun for all ages.

I'd have to say the Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom. It’s become a ritual of mine when I visit the World, my first day in the Magic Kingdom, as soon as the park opens I head right towards this favored attraction. I’ve been either the first through third person in the queue for the line. Sure beats the crowds!

Upon entering Liberty Square you can see the house looming on the hill and hear the howls being emitted around it. You pass an old-fashioned horse drawn hearse to enter the line. While in line pay close attention to the gravestones out lining the queue., some are more life like then you think!

Once you enter the interior portion of the mansion you are in a library type area, from here you are motioned in the infamous moving room. The narration comes on and makes you ponder some different questions. Are you moving? Or are the walls stretching? You decide. Welcome to the place where there are 999 Happy Haunts. After seeing and hearing that there are no doors and no windows in this chamber you a door opens, and you enter a darkened hallway.

In this darkened hallway you are led to a moving floor to your ride vehicle, called doombuggies. Upon sitting you are instructed not to lower the bar as they will do it for you. And you’re off to ride into the mansion. I won’t go through every detail of the ride, as for a first time rider they may want a surprise.

During your ride you will encounter spooks, and ghouls in different areas of the house. The ride lasts approximately ten minutes, it’s complete with singing busts in the graveyard scene and lest not forget the ballroom scene, the heart broken bride in the attic, Madame Leota’s Sťance, and much much more!

Some points of interest:
Can you believe they import the dust? For such a clean park they'd have to do something like that to keep this place dingy yet in good shape.

When you leave the attic scene it is alleged that the bride is pushing you out the window.

Can you find the hidden Mickey in the ballroom scene?

If you notice the women are leading the men in the ballroom dance.

There's always something to look at that you've never seen before. There are so many little nooks and crannies inside to look at so the ride itself never gets old. After years of going on this ride multiple times per trip I am still finding things that I have not noticed before!

This ride is appropriate for people of all ages, although it’s title is the Haunted Mansion it’ really not that scary. The only thing that could be frightening for children is the darkness, and sometimes loud noises out of nowhere. There aren’t any live action things jumping out at you, so you can just kick back relax and enjoy the ride.

Don’t forget to look at your hitchhiking friend at the end of the ride. Will you be the next person to stay eternally in the house? You'll have to go see for yourself. Unless of course you want to become the 1000th Happy Haunt.

Additional information:
The best times to ride this ride to avoid lines are early in the morning, late at night, or during parades and fireworks. Also, as of the last time I knew you could obtain a fastpass for this ride.

The cast members at this attraction truly act their part, being spooky and adding to the ambience of the mansion.

Ready to go again? I am, I wish I was in Florida right now instead of CT.

***As of the fall of 2007 the Haunted Mansion has been refurbished. The audio track is much clearer and has less static background noise. Also, new scenes were added. One at the begining of the ride that includes an MC Escher type stairway. And the attic scene has been completely remodeled. I'll leave out all the details so it's a suprise for those would like to enjoy it first hand, I will say that there is a new bride in the attic. Also, if you're a Haunted Mansion frequent flyer you'll be able to spot the other changes throughout the ride, some are very subtle and can only be noticed if you are very familiar with the ride.

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