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5 Not to Miss Attractions at the Magic Kingdom

May 30, 2000
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Pros:The Magic Kingdom is all about FANTASY

Cons:The Lines are long for the most popular rides

Well, I have been challenged by JASONKIRK to come up with the top 5 attractions at the Magic Kingdom.
It hasn't been an easy list to make. I have had about a week to decide. With all of the Attractions, rides and shows at the Magic Kingdom, it is hard to come up with the 5 best.

So, the way that I determined my list:
The attraction has to be FUN.
The attraction has to tell a Story.
The attraction has to be MEMORABLE.
And Most Importantly< right after you ride it, you want to ride again!

While everyone has their own personal favorites, I feel that these 5, best represent what Walt Disney World has to offer.( Sorry Jason, The TIKI BIRDS did not make the cut!)

1. The Haunted Mansion. Located in Liberty Square. This is a slow moving ride, on DOOM BUGGY "S, through a Haunted House and a cemetery Only at Walt Disney World could 999 singing and Dancing Ghost get away with throwing a "swing wake". This ride may scare the little ones, but it is simply brilliant. The song is catchy, and the Animatronics are creepy, but not to terrifying. It is 10 minutes long, The Ghost are looking for one more guest to make the total an even 1000!

2. Peter Pan's Flight. Located in Fantasyland. you board pirate Ships for a flight through Neverland. The line is really long, but it is worth it. You get to see Peter, Captain Hook, and all of the other Characters. It follows the story of the Animated movie very well.This is the one that your kids will beg you to ride again! This is great for kids of any age.

3. Space Mountain. Located in Tomorrowland. No trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without a journey into Space Mountain. This is a rollercoaster in near darkness, It has a Space Theme. It does not have any modern loops, but the darkness, and design, make it very scary! It does have a height requirement of 44 inches.

4. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Located in Fantasyland. This is the newest ride in the Magic Kingdom. It is already the most popular. You ride in big honey pots through the story of "the blustery day" . All of Winnie the Pooh's friends are there. . The ride is 3 1/2 minutes long. This ride is great for the kids. There is no height or age restriction.

5. Splash Mountain. Located in Frontierland.This is a Disney Version of the typical flume ride. You ride in hollow logs through a flooded mountain. It is the story of Uncle Remus, Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit, and Brer Bear. There is HUGE drop into a briar patch. This ride has a 44 inch height restriction. This is one of the longest rides at WDW, it is about 11 minutes long!

These are the rides that every one talks about long after there trips are over. If you have a limited amount of time at WDW, these are the 5 , that you won't want to miss.

Walt Disney had a vision when he planned the Magic Kingdom, he wanted visitors to forget about the outside world, and to escape into a "fantasyland" upon entering the park. These 5 attraction all have that ability. It is kind of hard to think about the mortgage payment, when you are flying above London, or dodging comets!

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