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Tuesdays With Morrie (DVD, 2003)

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Tuesdays with Morrie

Mar 10, 2007
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Pros:Jack Lemmon


The Bottom Line: Morrie Schwartz: Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Mitch Albom was one of those self-important people. Totally wrapped up in his career and himself. Little time for those on the perimeter of his life. “I’ll get to it later” would be a perfect mantra for Mitch. There is always time tomorrow to spend with that girlfriend or family or best friend or whatever. Tomorrow would do just fine.

Morrie Schwartz was a professor that Mitch had in college. One of those people that have 15 words to say about everything. Enough knowledge to make them dangerous but not enough to do harm. A likeable sort, one you could grow attached to and listen to the words he had to say.

One day Mitch saw a television interview, Morrie had ALS. Morrie, his old mentor, someone on the perimeter he hadn’t thought of in years. So be it conscience or guilt or even being nosey, Mitch goes to see Morrie one Tuesday and his life changed forever.

Suddenly he was taken up with the story of Morrie and somehow he crossed a line between self-importance and humanity. Spending Tuesdays with Morrie turned Mitch into a human.

Jack Lemmon played the part of Morrie Schwartz. He completely ruled this movie. Perhaps one of his best roles ever, perhaps a little too close to home. Through Morrie we watch how the declining years takes its toll on the living. Although I’ve always enjoyed Lemmons’ work, this was his shining star. Mitch was played by Hank Azaria. His role was well handled and he played well against Lemmon.

The movie won 7 awards and was nominated for several more. It was based on a true story and from what I have ascertained, followed the book very closely. It was directed by Mick Jackson with writing credits to Mitch Albom and Thomas Rickman.

This is a character driven movie. No wham bam or laser beams. Just a coupla guys sitting down for a chat, learning about life and love. Probably not a high interest movie for those that prefer their adventures more active, but a perfect movie for those of us that realize that the true course of life and living comes from the heart.

It reminded me a lot of the movie My Life with Michael Keaton. Dying is a really hard way to learn how to live.


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Mitch (Azaria) is a successful sportswriter who suddenly learns that one of his old professors, Morrie (Lemmon) is ill. Mitch visits Morrie and the tw...
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