Uniden D1680-2 1.9 GHz Dual Handsets Single Line Cordless Phone Reviews
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Uniden D1680-2 1.9 GHz Dual Handsets Single Line Cordless Phone

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Uniden Twin 1.9 GHz Cordless Phone - Just leave a message, maybe I'll call.

Jan 21, 2013
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Pros:Nice easy to hear ring tone, easy to read readouts, good voice clarity.

Cons:Uniden's phones don't look overly durable.

The Bottom Line: Uniden Twin 1-Line Cordless phone is easy to use and sounds good. The quality of the build seems average.

One of my new years resolutions was to get a new phone for my home. I had lost the extra phones with the one I had, and the final phone wasn't holding a battery charge.  After Christmas, I was nearly broke, so I found this Uniden phone set for only $49.99 at my local Staples.

I liked this particular set for a few reasons

It was cheap

It was cordless

It has a button that make both phones shut up when you don't feel like being disturbed.


This package includes one digital answering machine base and one extra phone base for charging only. It has two hand sets.  This phone system is only for one line.

Set Up

Set up for these phones was a breeze. I plugged in the Answering Machine base in my bedroom, and the remote base in my living room. I did not plug in the phone jack yet. I inserted the batteries into each receiver, put the covers on them, and placed each into its base to charge the batteries.   I allowed the batteries to charge overnight as per the instructions.  The next day, I plugged in the phone jack into the answering machine base.   The phones were ready for use.

You should also follow the easy to read instructions to set up a remote access code, leave a personal greeting or customize anything on the answering machine. If you don't it will still answer by default with a standard default message.

Call Clarity

The clarity of voice is fine. I can understand my friends, and they can understand me.  To me this is one of the most important characteristics of a phone.

Ease of Use Phone

The buttons are big, and I can read them even without my reading glasses. They also light up once you touch them, so you can use the phone in the dark. The name or at least the number of the caller is clearly displayed so long as you have caller ID. It too lights up when in use.  The light up feature is also handy when you have the ringers set to off, because you still know you are getting a call.  I can promptly ignore out of state calls unless its my Dad in Florida. Speaker phone settings, the cool MUTE button, talk and end call button are easy to locate.

For the phones other features, it took me a bit of getting used to, only because I was used to my old phone.  You have to click the center button (similar to the D pad on a Playstation or the center button on a Blu Ray palyer) to get into stored contacts (up to 100) , or lists of those who called (last 50).  It took about a week before I realized that I had to push the button to the right and not down to get a list of recent calls. Pushing this button down allows you to adjust the ring volume.

The phones also conveniently display the time, number of messages, battery charge and signal strenght on the display.

Ease of Use - Answering Machine  / 2nd Base

The answering machine is pretty basic as well. There is a center glowing display that tells you the number of messages. Below it is a play button, to the sides are forward and backward buttons and above is my favorite button - Delete.  It is satisfying to delete telemarketers messages. To the far right are simple up and down buttons for the volume. On the left is a button to turn the answering machine on or off and an idiot button. The idiot button makes the hand set ring when you don't remember where you left it.

The second hand set base has no buttons, you just place the phone in it to charge the battery. Mine sits next to my favorite leather recliner so I no longer have to get up when I am reading, watching movies or playing Playstation Games. I can also hear it next to me without my son asking if I am deaf because the phone was ringing in the bedroom.  Ah kids and their excellent hearing.

Battery Life

Since I typically return the phone to its charger, I don't know if these batteries last for days. They are the charging sort of batteries though. Even on calls with long winded friends, they have a full charge, so I suspect they will last a while.


I promptly lost mine, but thanks to the wonderful web, I was able to download a new manual. If you use this in a bathtub you can damage the phone. Don't worry the battery won't fry you. However, if you use during a storm there is a risk of electrocution. My favorite though was the warning about using other batteries than the ones that came with it. Don't because they could explode. BOOM, you are dead!  Also don't throw the batteries in a fire, because they could explode.

Otherwise the instructions are very clear and should be understandable by anyone of average intelligence (I hope, I frequently overestimate the intelligence of most people) 

Some Cool Features

You can remotely check your messages, you can locate your handsets when you misplace them. You can set the phone up to make a special ring for certain incoming calls. You can scroll through previous calls, and you can store a list of 100 contacts. As many as you like can be for local pizza shops.   If you are worried about someone on the second handset picking up, there is a privacy feature (hit menu select twice)

Overall Quality

These units seem to be made rather cheaply.  They are light weight. Fortunately, two years of meditation have elminated my old habit of gently tossing the hand set into a nearby wall if the caller ticked me off.  Few phones can survive a gentle overhand toss into a nearby wall, and although I haven't done it with these, they don't look as if they would survive. Nonetheless, I think that under normal use, they will last for a while.


The Uniden Phone system meets my needs. I can get my messages, I can make calls, and I can keep track of who called. I can call in for my messages when I'm away.  The buttons are big and easy to use. I like that everything lights up when in use, but stays off when not.  Still, the phone only gets 3 stars, it is a good average phone system, but nothing exceptional.  the feel of the phone is cheap, but I trust that it will last for some time before breaking.

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