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Unisar TV Listener J3 TV920 Headband Wireless Headphones - Black

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Sep 17, 2010 (Updated Sep 17, 2010)
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Pros:Easy set up, works w/all TVs, expandable, comfortable, works flawlessly

Cons:No right/left volume adjustment, no battery low indicator (unless I overlooked it)

The Bottom Line: Bebe Sounds TV Listener Wireless Headphones work on any TV or sound device. Easy set up, good sound quality. Love them!

I have a hereditary hearing impairment that is getting worse as I age. I have lost most of the high pitches so I tend to miss certain words, sounds, and sometimes, if a woman's voice is in the upper range, I can't understand what the heck she is saying.

I do have hearing aids but they are getting older and need adjusting and I find that I don't wear them as often as I should. Up until recently, I was able to catch most of what was going on when watching TV but I did have to raise the volume more than my husband would need it to be raised. I finally decided to buy some wireless headphones to wear so I could hear better and not have to have the TV blaring. Bebe Sounds TV Listener Wireless Headphones work for me. There are a few things I feel would make them more functional but, for under $50.00, they do their job well.

About the Product

In the box are a set of very nicely cushioned headphones, 60 hour rechargeable AAA batteries, a small disk-like transmitter, an AC adapter, a cord to charge the batteries in the headset, and three different wires to connect the transmitter to any TV or sound device. Howvere, these are not compliant with Plasma TVs or treadmills, warns the manufacturer. There is also a 6.3mm headphone adapter for devices that have larger jacks. You can connect to a device via stereo, mono, or through a microphone that picks up the sound and delivers it to the headphones. My TV is older so I was stuck using the microphone to pick up sound but it does so very well. Just be warned that if you go that route, anything very close to the TV speaker will be picked up too. My son finds great joy in tapping the TV when he walks by and seeing me jump. Yeah, great kid... ;)

I had to insert the batteries and charge the headset for 14 hours before I used it. Installing the transmitter took a minute, literally. I just plugged it into a wall outlet then plugged the microphone cord into the back and stuck it onto the speaker of my TV. Done!

On the back of the small transmitter is an on/off button. That should be off when the headphones are not in use.

The headphones are plush and adjustable. They feature a push button on the right ear piece to turn them on and off as well as a volume wheel to turn the sound up or down. Turning the sound up doesn't affect the sound that others in the room hear. They can listen at whatever level is comfortable for them and I can listen at a higher level. I can even turn the TV down all the way and listen to the sound through the headphones as my husband sleeps or listens to the radio.

My Experience

The Bebe Sounds TV Listener Wireless Headphones are very simple. They do not have individual volume for each ear which I would have loved since my right ear is my "bad" ear and has more hearing loss. Also, there's no way to adjust the bass or treble. I would like if I could raise treble and lower the bass since the bass is what I can hear and the treble is what I can't pick up. Still, I don't find either of these omissions to make a huge difference in my listening pleasure.

After I charged the headset, I turned it on and adjusted the headphones to my preference. They are very comfortable and cover my ears completely. I can easily wear them when wearing my behind the ear hearing aids if I so choose. They're lightweight but have a good band across the top of the head area that adjusts to fit each head perfectly.

Once I turned on the headset, I could adjust the volume on the right earpiece and listen away without bothering anyone else. I also found that having the sound funnel into my ears makes everything much easier to understand. I can still hear things like someone knocking or people talking to me but need to remove the headphones to fully understand conversations directed at me from people in the room.

Bebe Sounds TV Listener Wireless Headphones use infrared technology to project sound waves thus there is no interference from radio signals or things like microwave ovens, computers, or cordless phones. Indeed, there is absolutely no interference or static at all when I use this set.

The box says that the range is about 33 feet but I have found that the sound will mute when I walk out of range of the transmitter which I have read is normal. If I let the dog out four feet away but to the side of the transmitter, the headset will mute until I get back into the transmitter's signal area. I can, however, be 33 feet away as far as distance goes as long as I am in range of the transmitter. I usually only sit about 10 to 12 feet away from the TV and I use these headphones to workout to DVDs even closer.

The Bebe Sounds TV Listener is expandable so that several people can use the same transmitter and all listen to the same thing at their own personal comfort levels. I love that. Right now, there is no need in my house for another headset but who knows when we may want to have an extra set around?

I have tried the TV Listener with my computer and it works great. But the primary reason I bought the set was for TV watching and the transmitter now lives next to my DVR, always plugged in. I simply switch it on, pick up my headphones, switch them on, and I am good to go.

The battery life is exceptional. I have been using the same charge for more than three weeks with no sign that the batteries need to be charged. When they do, it's as simple as plugging the headset into the transmitter via a small wire and going to bed. In the morning, the batteries are charged completely and ready to go.

There is no battery low indicator and no battery charged indicator. These are two other things that I feel would be nice to have. I have no idea how I will know when the batteries are low except that perhaps the sound will start to fade. I would like some warning before that happens. I am going to charge headset in a day or two because I am assuming, with all the use they have gotten, the batteries are pretty worn down by now.

I am not sure if these batteries can be "overcharged" thus losing their longevity and ability to hold a strong charge. I was told that type of battery was pretty much obsolete these days.

I have been using Bebe Sounds TV Listener Wireless Headphones for a bit more than three weeks, very frequently, and have really enjoyed being able to actually understand television conversation without having to turn the TV volume sky high. I know it must be annoying to my family to have a TV blaring just for me. I recall my mother in law listening to her television so loudly that we could hear it from outside her house. I don't want to be one of those people.

I use the headset for working out to cardio and dance DVDs because it brings the music and instructions so much closer but I don't NEED these headphones for working out to DVDs. I simply like them for that purpose. I do, however, enjoy that I can workout at 3 a.m. again without worrying that my husband, who arises at 4:30 a.m. for work, is being disturbed by the music and instructions being shouted out just a floor below him as he sleeps.

You certainly do not need to be hearing impaired to use the Bebe Sounds TV Listener Wireless Headphones. Many people use them to watch TV as their partner sleeps or does other things so as not to disturb them. I wish I had this set when we were stuck in a motel for a month in July. My poor husband tried to sleep while I attempted to watch television every night. He got less sleep and I could barely understand a word of what was said because the volume was lower than I needed it to be. We would have both been happy if I had this simple, yet so very useful headphone set.

Buying Info

You can buy Bebe Sounds TV Listener Wireless Headphones at many stores that sell electronics as well as those that sell items for the hearing impaired. I bought mine at a store that specializes in products for the hearing impaired. I paid $49.99 but have since seem them cheaper elsewhere. I didn't even think to do a comparative search! The set sells for between $39.99 and $49.99 and comes with a six month limited manufacturer's warranty.


I am sure I could have purchased more sophisticated (and expensive) headphones for the purpose of watching television but Bebe Sounds TV Listeners Wireless Headphones work well for me. While I do wish there was left and right sound adjustments, with hearing aids on, I don't need that. And while I would love to be able to adjust the pitch, I don't even know if the sophisticated headphones allow for that or if that would help me to pick up more speech than I do now.

For me, this set does the trick. It is so simple to use with any device and I can easily move it from one to another or even travel with the set without any problems. I like that the batteries are rechargeable and I don't have to keep spending money on new ones. This set works exactly as stated on the box and in the manufacturer's information and I can even expand and buy more headsets should the need or want arise. 

I can't yet speak for the long term durability of these headphones and the transmitter but I will certainly update should I have any issues. So far, everything has been super easy and has worked exactly as I wanted it to. I'm really happy with the TV Listener. 4 stars.

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