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Takes A Lot to Fill This Stocking - Jumbo Giant Christmas Stocking

Dec 24, 2012
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Pros:huge, cute

Cons:takes a lot to fill, quality

The Bottom Line:

I like the Jumbo Giant Christmas Stocking but they aren’t the best quality stocking and that they are made of felt and are not plush.

Two years ago my nephews asked for a bunch of little things for the holidays. I thought it would be cute to buy them a big stocking to put all these items in. I did some research and found the Jumbo Giant Christmas Stocking. I thought it looked perfect so I ordered two. Once they arrived and starting stuffing them, they were a lot bigger than what I thought. A lot of things fit in them. I had to buy a few more items to actually stuff the stocking.

The Giant Christmas Stocking is 45" and 16" wide. No that is not a typo; they are almost four feet tall. The stocking ended up being taller than my nephews. The stocking is red with a white trim. The white trim has a gold trim on it. The stocking is made of felt. It was nice but I would have preferred a plush stocking. I think a felt stocking looks cheaper and they aren’t as durable. The stocking also has a felt loop so that you could hang it on the wall or on a mantel if you would like.

I’m sure you can image how excited my nephews were when they saw the size of the stocking. They couldn’t believe how big they were. Of course they loved the stocking and everything inside. They even enjoyed playing with stocking after the presents were out of it. They both crawled into their stocking and were shocked that they both fit inside their stocking. They couldn’t believe how big the stockings were. Can you image the shock and surprise on anyone’s face to find a four foot tall stocking filled with gifts under their tree? Old or young alike would love this gift

It does take a lot to fill these stocking if you are buying them to fill. I was really surprised with how much fit into them. After filling them it did make them a bit difficult to carry around.

My sister kept the stocking for a year and then she got rid of them because the boys thought that they should be filled every year.

The Giant Christmas Stocking could be made a bit better. I think if you would fill them too full, they might tear. Because it takes so much to fill the stocking it gets pretty heavy. Since the stocking is so big a smaller child would have to drag it on the floor and might not be able to lift it. This could result in it getting dirty and or tearing

I bought the Giant Christmas Stocking online and paid $9.99 a piece for these. For the size of them I thought that seemed like a fair price until I received it. I was just a bit disappointed in the quality of the stocking. Of course my nephews loved them. They loved that they were so big and all the things that fit in them.

If you are looking for a fun gift, I think the Giant Christmas Stocking would be enjoyed by young and old alike. Everyone who saw the Giant Christmas Stocking thought it was a great idea.

I like the Jumbo Giant Christmas Stocking and am glad I bought them for my nephews as they loved them but just beware that they aren’t the best quality stocking and that they are made of felt and are not plush.

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Amount Paid (US$): 9.99
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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