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Money well spent...

Oct 21, 2007
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Pros:Very good earbuds, comfortable fit, excellent sound, great customer service!

Cons:Slick plug can be hard to pull from tight jacks with wet hands. (Whaaa...)

The Bottom Line: Absolutely excellent sound from an affordable pair of earbuds that are well built and very well backed by customer service at V-Moda.

Anyone who has labored over the selection of a pair of earbuds, then spent good money on them only to find that they aren't even close to what the manufacturer claims they are will be very happy with these earbuds, especially given the affordable price! Clean, across-the-board sound, comfortable, stylish, well made and the right price!

I have a pair of the Vibe Red Roxx that came from Amazon for $66, cut from a list price of $100-ish. After listening to these little gems I'm finding it hard to fault them. I have read many reviews before finally arriving upon the decision to buy them. The cons I had heard mostly were focused on bass response that would likely not be suitable for real bass-heads (amongst whom I number myself) and the only thing I can figure is that those who thought these buds don't deliver sufficient base are either A:missing some of the range of their hearing related to bass or B: didn't have them inserted in their ears correctly. Most people who wrote of liking them seemed to have good technical savvy and gave the impression that they understood the concept of the earbud.

Earbuds, for those unfamiliar with the entire concept, are meant to be inserted into the ear canal until they "seat" to a point where a good majority of outside noise is removed from the equation, thus allowing the bud to produce heavier bass and cleaner sound with little interruption from the outside world (or, as Bandman48 aptly put it below in his "Cons" category, "They cancel out a lot of noise... including my wife. Oops." I can relate!)
Working in construction and wearing foam earplugs all day every day, I am quite comfortable with earbud headphones, but prospective buyers unfamiliar with the feel of earbuds will want to try them out first before buying to make sure they are going to be comfortable wearing headphones that plug your ears, push lightly on the ear canal and isolate you somewhat from your surroundings. Most places will not allow customers to try earbuds on for health safety concerns, but one can easily assimilate the experience of earbuds (without the sound) by getting a pair of foam earplugs and inserting them into the ear. Foam earplugs are rolled between the fingers until they are a thin tube, then inserted into the ear canal where they will expand until the seal off most of the annoying high and mid-range frequencies (and a great deal of overall outside noise). Keep in mind that the pressure foam plugs exert on the inner ear is higher that earbuds will produce, and since these earbuds come with three full sets of silicone fittings (small, medium and large) to achieve a comfortable fit for most anyone.

One of the main reasons I decided on these buds in the first place was after reading Amazon customer reviews (the best way to find out about anything, really) the thing that stuck out more than any other was the exemplary customer service provided by V-Moda when something went wrong. Things go wrong with every brand product. If a company is going to provide no-hassle service to the point where people rave about it, they deserve the business. It seems that V-Moda is one of those companies (much like Amazon has been for me, and Cafe Press [INCREDIBLE customer service!]).

So, if you're thinking earbuds, think V-Moda Vibes. I'm listening to them now and they are excellent earphones. As mentioned, the Red Roxx I have were at reduced price @ Amazon, so you may want to check around if they are at normal price. There will probably be others at reduced price. For some reason different colors seem to be the only thing causing differences in the prices of specific models.

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