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Great ear phones, Worth the money spent

Jul 5, 2008
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Pros:Excellent sound quality, stay in place, and are light as a feather.

Cons:Nothing to mention, the leather case is not much to speak about.

The Bottom Line: These ear phones are a good bang for the buck.

Let's be clear about these in the ear style headphones. 3 issues need clarification.
#1 The wire problem - These are delicate phones, when inserting and removing from ear, grasp the ear phone body not the wire, the wire was not designed to be pulled on.
#2 Not enough base, too much base, some of this is related to how the product is seated in the ear and which silicone tip is used. To achieve the optimum sound quality use the tip which provides the most complete seal, this should be accomplished with one of the sets of tips provided, experiment, you will be able to tell which one works best. The level of base may also be affected by the EQ setting on the Ipod, many different settings, again experiment, the settings actually do change the bass output, as opposed to less expensive ear phones.
#3 This will affect the bass sounds as well as the mid's and high's. Pre-recorded CD's are encoded at a bit rate of 128 kbps (music files that are actually compressed). If you have an Ipod and Itunes, when the Itunes page opens click on the edit tab. Click on preferences, click on Advanced tab, click on Importing tab, at the "Import Using" dialogue box enter "MP3 Encoder", at the "Setting" dialogue box select "Custom", at the "Stereo Bit Rate" dialogue box select "320kbps". Select "OK" at the bottom of this page and go back to the Itunes page, insert your favorite CD and the songs will be imported at the 320kbps level. You have now uncompressed the music files, and you should notice more detail in everything you listen to, including deeper base, amazing midrange, and crystal clear high's. Don't be surprised if you pick up some blemishes or flaws off the master media used to create the CD. Also with the higher bit rate and increased file size more room is required on your Ipod. I have my entire CD library (110 CD's)on my 80GB Ipod Classic and used 13.55GB of space, not objectionable if you truly love music. I think you will be impressed with the difference in sound (ie. Mr. Roboto-Styx, Stairway To Heaven-Zeppelin, Riders On The Storm-Doors). I had a pair of Sony MDR EX71's, lower priced, OK sound quality, the downfall was the silicone tip, none of the 3 sets seated very well and always seemed to loosen up or fall out. This does not happen with the V Moda Vibes.

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