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Jun 14, 2012
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Pros:Fantastic color.  Good protection and water beading.  Good coverage.  Not bad price.

Cons:It won't apply itself.

The Bottom Line: If you have a dense wood deck, this stain is designed just for you.  It will enhance the beauty of that wood.


A few years ago, as part of our addition, we had a new deck installed.  We opted for Red Meranti, which is marketed as a less expensive alternative to Mahogany.  It was a good trade off against the expense of true Mahogany.  We used Cabot's Mahogany Flame Timber Oil to stain each board individually before it was installed.  Since then, we have used a gallon of this about every year or so.  It costs about $35 - $40/gallon and home depot.

About the product

This stain is a translucent product specifically intended for Mahogany, Teak, and other deck and railing material.  It is oil based, and will penetrate well into the surface to the wood, which you can see in the end grain of a board.  It contains Linseed oil (which I remember as a kid rubbing into my baseball gloves), and tung oils; they never tell you what kind of animal tung they make it from ... Actually, it's oil pressed from the nut of a tung tree found in south eastern Asia.  This stain contains pigments of iron oxide, which provide UV protection (don't want your deck getting sun-burnt). 

This stain comes in various shades or colors ranging from our favorite Mahogany Flame which dries to a rich deep red color on our deck, as well asl natural, amber wood, honey teak, and jarrah wood.  Their literature claims coverage of 400-600 square feet on smooth surfaces, and 250 to 350 square feet on rough surfaces.  And you can buy this in quart, gallon, or 5 gallon cans.

How well does it work?

We have used this for about 4 years now.  The coverages is as described.  Prior to use, we have cleaned our deck with a Baer product, which leaves to surface smooth, but parched and stripped of it's color.  We applied this by cutting in along the edges with a brush, and used Shur-Line Pad Painter, 9" which did a great job spreading this product out.  When applying the stain, it is a milky orange color, and even leaves a milky surface on the wood.  However, after about 15 minutes or so, the stain soaks in and the deep rich red color is brought out of the wood surface. 

We did have a section of the deck that was covered by a grill pad which did not weather as much as the exposed decking.  This area did not accept much stain, and we had to go back and wipe off the excess.  So if you were to stain your deck more often, you would get the 400 - 600 ft^2 coverage.  Our deck is 10 X 24, with about 50 ft^2 of steps.  And it took almost a complete gallon.   

The water really beads up on this.  We had a pressure treated deck before which got really hot.  With this deck and stain, it is not bad at all to walk out in your bare feet.  Plus we don't have the splintering that you get with PT lumber.  I'm sure the deck stain help with that by keeping the boards well preserved.

Caution: This is an oil based product.  If you wipe this up with rags or other material and expose it to slightly elevated temperature, it will catch fire.  We had some sponge applicators that were carelessly thrown into a dumpsters.  Someone noticed them smouldering before it became a problem.  They were exposed to noon time sun, which was enough induce spontaneous combustion.  Used rags, sponges and otherwise, should be placed in an airtight can filled with water and disposed of properly.


This a product that we trust.  We have used it for many years.  And I expect we will continue to use it for years to come.  I would happily recommend this product to my friends and Epinions Readers.

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