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VeggieTales - Gideon: Tuba Warrior (DVD, 2007, Spanish)

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"Did he just make a split pea joke?"

Nov 6, 2006 (Updated Mar 4, 2010)
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Pros:Fun retelling of a great Bible story

Cons:None worth mentioning

The Bottom Line: Get ready to laugh with another strong entry in the Veggie Tales series

Just in time for the holiday giving season comes the latest entry in the computer animated Veggie Tales series. Aimed primarily at kids, the straight to video series stars a group of talking vegetables that share Biblical truths through stories and songs. Along the way, there is plenty of fun that kids and their parents will appreciate.

Just as usual hosts Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber start the show, the Pirates Who Don't do Anything try to take over. Seems they have gotten bored with doing nothing and want to try doing something. Bob semi steps aside and allows them to answer a letter about trusting God with two stories that show He can be trusted to keep His word.

First up is the story of George Mueller (Archibald Asparagus). This real man trusted God to provide everything for the orphanages he ran. This is the short segment of the DVD, and the focus is on the famous story of the morning the orphanage ran out of food. Mr. Mueller still had the kids sit down for breakfast, thanked God for the food, and then there was a knock at the door....

The main segment is the Biblical story of Gideon (Larry the Cucumber). He's more comfortable marching in a band then leading anything. Still, God calls him to defeat the invading army of pickles with only tubas, flashlights, and the smallest army you ever saw. Is Gideon crazy for even attempting it? Or will God do what He says He will do?

And yes, this entry also has a new silly song. Since Bob isn't hosting, he gets roped into doing a silly song written by the French Peas. He's actually beginning to get into the spirit of "Ukulele Karaoke" when an unfortunate accident ruins the words. Now what will Bob do?

I don't know how the guys at Big Idea do it, but this is yet another DVD that kids and parents alike will love. The message is clear and the stories are entertaining. The first segment could have been a little funnier, but the main feature more then makes up for it. I laughed multiple times at the jokes inserted into the familiar story of Gideon. And there's a subtle plug for the next full-length Veggie Tales movie, coming 2008 (hopefully).

The computer animation has come a long ways since their first release. While still not on par with Pixar or DreamWorks, it looks good. Of course, since they are working with a fraction of the budget the big studios have, it looks wonderful.

And, of course, the DVD is loaded with extras. Most are aimed at the target audience of kids. They get things like how to draw, singalong, storybook, and a couple different games. The adult fans aren't completely forgotten, and there's the usual commentary and making of featurette. As always, the picture is full frame with full surround sound.

This is yet another strong entry in a fun franchise. Whether this is your first or these characters are old friends, you'll be sure to be entertained and challenged by the stories here.

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