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VeggieTales - Gideon: Tuba Warrior (DVD, 2007, Spanish)

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Lesson in Trusting God with the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Hosting

Mar 18, 2008
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Pros:Fun counter top scenes with the Pirates, great variety of special features

Cons:Some may be disappointed that Larry does not do the silly song

The Bottom Line: This is an entertaining VeggieTales with the Pirates hosting. The stories effectively teach about trusting God. Plus, there are plenty of fun bonus features.

VeggieTales is an animated series that teaches Christian values through the use of entertaining stories. As the name suggests the characters are mostly vegetables, although there are a few fruit characters, as well. The shows begin and end with counter top scenes to introduce the stories and wrap up the lesson learned at the end. These are usually led by Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, but this is one of the episodes where it is different.

The counter top scene begins with Bob and Larry, but they are quickly interrupted by the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (a group of veggie characters that were first introduced in a silly song of the same name in the Very Silly Songs episode). The Pirates decide they now want to do something and they are going to start by hosting the show. They do not plan it out very well and they still get some help from Bob as well as the French Peas to make the episode work to answer the letter of the day about trusting God.

The first story in the episode is about George Mueller. The story is based on a the real person of the same name, although the reporter added to the story is a VeggieTales embellishment. George Mueller runs an orphanage and trusts in God to provide for him and the orphanage. Instead of asking for donations he and the orphans pray when they need something.

Before the second story there is the typical silly song in the middle of the episode. The Pirates don't have a song to do because they have already done the Pirate song before. The French Peas step in with a song they have written and force Bob the Tomato into singing it. This silly song is called Ukelele Karaoke with Bob and turns into a nonsensical song by the end because the lyrics were shredded and wrongly taped back together by the Peas. This is a fun silly song with Bob singing and getting frustrated at the nonsense, but some may be disappointed in that they like Larry doing the songs.

The second story in this episode is Gideon Tuba Warrior. This is a VeggieTales style adaptation on the Biblical story of Gideon. Larry plays Gideon the Tuba Warrior and learns to trust God and leads his army to victory. It shows how he has doubts and needs signs from God, which helps show how it can be hard to trust God, an aspect the first story does not really show.

The end counter top scene for this episode in which we learn that Bob helped the Pirates out by showing the Gideon story. He also helps in the wrap up of the show with the Bible verse from QWERTY (the computer). Bob tells the Pirates that they did a pretty good job hosting the show and the Pirates pitch their idea to go on to bigger things, i.e. making a Pirates movie, which is a preview of what is to come next from Big Idea. This refers to the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Movie, which was released in theaters in early 2008.

This DVD has many bonus features on it, which can add hours of additional fun to this DVD. The Fun and Games section is especially fun for the kids and the Behind the Scene section is good for the older kids and adults that like VeggieTales. The Bonus Feature Menu is divided into three submenus. One is called Behind the Scenes. This section has Making a Tuba Warrior, A Real Drum Line, Studio Commentary, and Art Gallery with Commentary. The second is called Fun and Games. This section has Video Trivia, Ukelele SingAlong, Gideon Storybook, Turtle Toobies Game, Tuba Mix Panel, and How to Draw. The third is called Parents. This section has an idea for a family activity related to the lesson on trust, the Bible Reference for the story of Gideon, and a Discussion Guide for talking with kids about what they learned from the movie.

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