Vitacost L-Glutamine Powder -- 4,500 mg per serving - 1.1 lbs (844197010158)

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Glutamine Powder is for gut issues and muscle soreness.

Apr 9, 2013
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Pros:Great for muscle soreness after workouts, heals tiny holes in stomach lining. Affordable, mixes well.

Cons:Not sure if it works on stomach or not?

The Bottom Line: For body builders, it's a great product to use. The jury is still out on whether it helps heal holes in the stomach lining or not.

I make orders regularly on and came across this L-Glutamine Powder. I have tried the pills before in different brand and prefer the powder better. This brand is tasteless and affordable so that's why I buy it.

I buy the 1.1 pound container and it lasts a long time, partly because I forget to take it every day. It comes in a opaque plastic container with twist-off lid. I just dip in a teaspoon, take as much as I need daily and mix it in a glass of water and gulp it down. It is a fine, white powder. It is pretty tasteless and mixes quite easily, as the powder is ground up pretty finely. It doesn't taste great, though so I drink it fast (tasteless to a degree). Some people take it for energy (but I don't notice that) or during illness periods for health. I take it because I have a stomach condition and it is known to heal holes in the intestines that food allergies, or stomach issues can cause. If you have enough holes in your stomach lining, or big ones you can get leaky gut syndrome. It's where your food causes inflammation because you can get septic (as the food can get absorbed into the blood stream rather tha your gut). Lining and villi on your gut lining is good for you. Glutamine is supposed to help out with all of this.

I don't know how effective this glutamine powder is, as I don't feel any different taking it or not (stomach-wise). I do, however feel it's better absorbed than the pills I was previously taking. I felt like those would just sit in my stomach and this is pretty much used right away. I guess I have to trust that it is working. As long as I take probiotics, eat healthfully, workout, avoid any food allergies and take digestive enzymes, my stomach will run smoothly. This is just another part of the puzzle for overall health.

Even though I have no idea if it is working on my gut, what I DO NOTICE is, that when I workout really hard (like lifting weights, squats, etc.) I do not have soreness, or the soreness is really reduced. It helps with muscle recovery as well! It's great to take for that reason alone, for athletes or hard-core weight lifters, etc. For muscle soreness it makes a HUGE difference. If I don't take it, I will be sore for days, sometimes not able to workout after hard workouts for those days. But if I am taking it regularly, then I don't feel sore barely at all and can keep working out hard.
Overall, Vitacost mixes well and easily. It is affordable and it does work on y muscles, and the jury's still out if it has been working on my stomach issues.

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