Vizio E-Series E320-A1 32" 720p HD LED LCD Television Reviews

Vizio E-Series E320-A1 32" 720p HD LED LCD Television

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Good bang for buck, 32" HD Vizio led television

Feb 16, 2013 (Updated Apr 12, 2013)
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Pros:Sharp 32 in vizio led tv, crisp colors, good contrast. Energy efficient.

Cons:Need to pay for HD broadcast to appreciate resolution.

The Bottom Line: Now that we've acquired HD reception, we are so impressed with our Vizio E Series TV! A great value, and we don't notice a difference with 720p display.

When buying a new TV, inquiring minds want to know: Can you notice a difference between 720p  and 1080p formats? Previously, I had no idea, since I've been watching a vintage 1995 TV.

We finally decided to upgrade our TV upstairs when my husband found this Vizio on sale at Costco. He chose this 32" HD model at 720p, which is a lower pixel density than 1080p televisions. I asked why he didn't buy the higher resolution model. He said that for smaller TVs, it's difficult to tell the difference, so he decided to save some dough. Was it worth it?

We unpacked our new widescreen TV and set it up in about 20 minutes. This one's aspect ratio is 16:9, which means the picture is nearly twice as wide as it's high. It came well padded and protected, without a scratch. We easily assembled the stand and attached it to the panel. The TV is fairly lightweight and very thin. It is literally a shadow of the TV it replaced!

We hooked it up to our Dish satellite programming system. Although we had HD reception for our large screen TV in the basement, we did not have HD programming for our new Vizio. Without high definition broadcasting, the Vizio's picture was grainy and almost blurry, its colors seemed out of whack. We were able to watch all our Dish programs, but without HD input, they were not sharply focused. The picture was also cut off at the edges. I called Dish and learned what we could do to improve our picture. After all, it was a new TV, and the picture looked worse than the old one!

DishNetwork told me we needed HD broadcast for our new TV. That required either installing a new HD box upstairs, or purchasing their Hopper/Joey system. We chose a second HD box, which we had installed. Once in place, we noticed a tremendous improvement in the TV's picture.

Now, our 1366 x 768 display is sharp, clear and perfectly colored. I've been watching everything from movies to cooking shows to the Office and Big Bang Theory on our new TV. Even though the 32" screen is not as big as I had wished for, the picture is so sharp it's a pleasure to view. Movies like Harry Potter, with all its fantasy creatures, are as crisp and brilliant as in a theatre, even though they are broadcast over satellite. Skin tones are subtle and realistic, and graphics and scenery look crisp and bright. For a relatively small screen, this one does not disappoint!

The audio is also pleasing ~ sound is focused and not muffled or fuzzy. It projects nicely into the room. Even with the volume turned up, the sound quality does not degrade.

Over the long run, this LED TV is 50% more energy efficient than the average LCD television.

This Vizio comes with a standard remote that's simple to use. The options on the TV menu allow you to:
1) Choose the input source (we chose HDMI 1)
2) Select screen aspect ratio (Normal, Wide, Zoom or Stretch)
3) Choose closed captioning if available
4) Sleep timer
5) Picture controls, such as backlight, brightness, contrast etc.
6) Audio, including balance and SRS Surround sound
7) Multi-media settings, if you've got a computer, gaming or other media plugged in
8) General settings and game mode

One aspect about the TV which is innovative is its very thin frame (less than an inch around the top and sides). The slim frame is unobtrusive and makes the television a good value ~ the frame does not take up extra space inside an alcove, for example.

According to Vizio, this LED TV offers a contrast ratio of 200,000:1. I read about LED (light emitting diode) technology, and apparently the high level of contrast allows the black or dark portions of the picture look deeper. I definitely agree that the contrast is pleasing, and the Vizio E320's ability to depict bright colors popping against darker elements, provides a sharp, crisp image.

In conclusion, if you are seeking a good value for the buck, this Vizio should fit the bill in your home or office. The size makes it perfect for a smaller television requirement. It's a good replacement for an older television, and because it's a smaller size, you will probably not notice that it's 720p instead of 1080p. I am enjoying watching all my favorite shows on this TV ~ but I'm glad we waited so long to replace it. For the money, this was worth waiting for!

This review is included in my 2013: New Year, New Leaf, New Category... Resolutions Write-Off! for two reasons. First, it's a new category for me (TVs) and second, it's a new resolution for my year!

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