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VTech CD1103 Corded Phone

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Cheap but good corded phone!...Vtech Trimstyle Corded Telephone XD1103

Aug 14, 2013
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Pros:Excellent phone for power outage, has very good sound quality, has several adjustable features


The Bottom Line: Great inexpensive phone for power outages!

I recently changed my landline phone service from analog to digital and was in need of a new corded phone to have in case of a power outage, which does happen here ever so often.  For many years since I started using cordless landline phones, I've had an oldie, but goodie!, AT&T rotary phone plugged into a phone jack in a back room corner.  It worked great during power outages, but one cannot dial out with a rotary phone when they have digital service, they can only receive calls.

I went to Walmart, and found exactly what I wanted, which was a cheap corded phone that works well!

I bought the Vtech CD1103 Corded Phone, and it was only $5.95 plus tax.  I wasn't too sure how this cheap phone might work, but I was very surprised as it works very well!  The quality of the sound is excellent!  And its appearance is very nice!

I did have a good laugh when I was hooking it up.  I wanted to set it on a bottom shelf of a small table about 6 feet from the phone jack, but the cord was about 5 inches too short.  The cord appeared to be coming out of the base of the phone, and then another cord going from the base to the handset.  Neither cord had the usual little plug showing at the end, so I knew I couldn't just attach a longer cord.  But then I turned the base of the phone upset down and saw the cord was tucked under a couple of plastic clips that  was making the cord shorter.  So I pulled the cord free of the plastic clips to make it longer, and then it set on the table shelf just fine. 

But I really got tickled at how these cheap products are made!  The handset is now not attached to the base in any way.  It is really a handset and a long cord that goes to the phone jack!  The cord had been tucked under those plastic clips to make it appear to be coming out of the base, and to make the handset cord appear to be attached to the base. The base is needed though since it has an area that hits the handset in a way to disconnect a call.

I was also surprised that this Vtech D1103 Corded Phone had any features, but it has several!  It has a one touch redial button, a flash button for call waiting, a receiver volume control, and a ringer volume control.  And the ringer can be turned off.  The ringer has a pleasant sound.  This phone can be used with pulse or tone service, and has a button to select the type of service.  It can be hung on a wall or set on a table.  The look of the phone and its white color are nice, and the feel of the phone is also very nice!  This phone does not have a caller ID screen, but this wasn't important to me as this phone will only be used as a back-up phone during power outages. 

Digital phone service doesn't normally work during power outages as analog does, but like most other digital services in my area,  the digital phone service I have has a battery back-up that lasts for about 4 hours.  It's important to have a working phone for emergencies, and one does need to call the power company to report outages!

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