Wein VI-2500 negative ionizer

Oct 21, 2007 (Updated Oct 24, 2007)
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Pros:excellent ion output, no ozone, pennies to operate

Cons:not a great air-cleaner but compliments other particle/filtering air cleaners. no output control

The Bottom Line: For people concerned with indoor air quality allergens, pollutants and people who want to experiment with (-) ion health benefits on sleep, serotonin levels, general well-being.

I bought this unit because i suffer from allergies and depression and read articles about the beneficial effects of negative ions on health and air cleaning.
when i started to use the unit it came on and there was a stream of ion-wind that you could feel on your hand or face.
The ion output is strong as measured with a simple amcor ionoscope. Wein states 450 trillion ions per sec! that's impressive as most ioizers output in the millions or low digit trillions at best.

i noted an abundance of precipitation of dust on objects around the room. i feel it has some positive health benefits, but doesn't help my allergies much when used alone.

i don't think that it operates quite like they describe- the pulse monitor simply monitors the ion output and does not turn the ion flow "on" and "off" - the flow is continuous. If the output is set too low the unit will not turn on unless you touch the ground collection pad.
but if you have electronics knowledge you can open the back and turn a variable potentiometer to lower or raise output. I like mine set to a minimum. Turning up the resistor clockwise is not recommended as there is a danger of arching and shock if turned up to high - the potentiometer should be set to the minimum that allows the ions to flow when the unit is turned on: between 1 pulse every two seconds to 1 pulse every second.

If you don't mind dusting alot you can use it alone but i like to use it in cunjunction with a good energystar air purifier http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=room_airclean.room_airclean to trap the particles.

I would like to see a feature to control ion output.
A bit pricey - could retail for $79

There is some excellent research on ions here:

I would like to experiment with the Elanra but i think it is way overpriced. The man holds a monopoly on its patent design so he can charge whatever he likes- A good company could manufacture them for retail in the $200 to $300 range, but read the research articles there.

Dr. Gabor Lantos, Professional Engineer and Occupational Health Physician states; "As the airborne concentrations of viruses or bacteria are reduced, the risks of contracting diseases through inhalation are significantly reduced." (see the studies) . A recent report on NPR also showed that in addition to Light Therapy, Negative Ions can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

info and specs below:

The VI-2500 negative ion generator, room ionizer has been designed to be used in any room environment, including use around computer systems and other sensitive electronics. The Wein VI-2500 Negative Ionizer uses less than 8 watts creating 450 trillion negative ions per second for rooms as large as 800 sq. ft. This air ionizer removes particles as small as .01 Microns.Our Air ionizer emits no detectable ozone so don't expect the ozone smell that ozone generators create. The Wein Negative ionizer is a true high density negative air ionizer.

Negative ions have been shown to work on the neuro-hormone, Serotonin, which has been shown to improve moods and reduce insomnia.**
Removes soot, smoke, bacteria and viruses from the air
Shown to help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression in some people. A recent study on NPR confirmed this.
Operating costs: continuous operation costs pennies per month.
Negative Ionizer Power use: Less then 6 watts.
Output: 15KV static electricity with vortex emitter.
Ion output: 450 trillion ions/sec cm2 at 2.5cm*
Ionizer Ion Monitor: neon discharge pulse monitor
Coverage: 800 sq. ft. (40' x 20') room
Particle effectiveness: as small as .01 micron
Purified airflow output: greater than 100 feet/minute**
Ozone output: - no detectable ozone (well below OSHA standard)
Negative Ionizer Approvals: Listed UL adapter * Measured with Miniram monitor type PDM-2 (Serial No.2028). GCA Corp. Environmental Instruments Technology Division. ** Measured with Dwyer Air Flow Vanometer, Model 50.
Ionizer Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty!
Made in USA

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