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Good overview of the Atkins
by cdm2000
Thanks for the review. The personal insight is helpful.
May 25, 2004
7:33 pm PDT

Re: hmmm
by maz89123
can you tell how to do the atkins diet, i don't understand a thing in the videos
Jan 14, 2003
2:23 am PST

Appreciate your honesty
by knitting
A fair review of the diet. Well stated. I give up easily on every diet imaginative, even Atkins. However, you covered the "human" pitfalls one finds in this diet -- this encourages me to give it another try, with your viewpoint in mind. BTW, I don't like cream either! Hope your spirits are up and life is treating you better now.
Aug 1, 2002
11:07 am PDT

Excellent and balanced review!
by mickie79
I was on the Atkins diet as a teenager, and am now considering using it again. Your review gives some excellent tips and warnings, about the best I've read.

By the way, as a teenager, the one time I was tempted to cheat, in the 4 months I was on it, was for Wheaties! Not that I love them so much, but after several months of little or no carbs, they seemed like the Holy Grail!


ps--I know this happened a while back, but I hope you are feeling better now.
Sep 10, 2001
7:38 am PDT

Diet Diva
by cowboydj
Outstanding review. Thorough, thoughtful and balanced. Many Thanks.
Apr 8, 2001
11:28 pm PDT

I hope you are feeling better now.
by afropuff
This was a very informative review.

I've thought about doing the Atkins Diet, but now I'm having 2nd thoughts. Your review was part of that.

Thanks for giving everyone something to think about!
Oct 19, 2000
7:42 am PDT

Very even-handed
by mptang
advice for this very controversial diet, missie.

If you don't have any medical references handy, may I answer the above question on ketosis?

Ketosis: "Ketosis results from the incomplete metabolism of fatty acids, generally from carbohydrate deficiency or inadequate utilization, and is commonly observed in starvation, high-fat diet, pregnancy, following ether anesthesia, and most significantly in inadequately controlled diabetes mellitus. Large quantities of these ketone bodies may be eliminated in the urine (ketonuria). The presence of ketosis can be easily determined by testing the urine for acetone or diacetic acid. Ketonuria is an early sign of acidosis in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 17th Ed.

Just as an FYI, ketones will show up on a routine UA done in your doctor's office that should be a part of a person's routine annual physical.

Hope this info is of some use to people. If anyone needs any medical reference definitions or spellings, please feel free to e-mail me.
Oct 14, 2000
10:44 am PDT

A wonderfully thorough review--
by elliejo
and a great cheerleading effect to get me back on Atkins pronto!It does work--my best (and prayers!) to you as you recover and find your path again on the diet/health road.
Sep 20, 2000
3:36 pm PDT

It does work
for sure. I tried it- it is the easiest way to lose weight....but I got so sick of it and now the thought of all that cheese and chicken makes me sick! :) great review. jo
Sep 13, 2000
5:40 am PDT

an excellent thorough piece
by dotgirlj
I've learned so much... thanks j
Sep 12, 2000
8:41 pm PDT

by jankp
You don't mention exercise at all. Does he recommend it? Would it tax the heart too much since you're not getting carbs? Did the maintenance program include exercise??????

Very interesting diet indeed. What's ketosis, btw?

Sep 12, 2000
7:07 pm PDT

Terrific Writer,,,
by shartion
Makes her point and honest too! Someone else I want to read more of.
Thanks a lot!
Sep 12, 2000
10:16 am PDT