Hunter Fan Company 33200 2 Gallon Humidifier Reviews

Hunter Fan Company 33200 2 Gallon Humidifier

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Hunter Care-Free Humidifier Plus Model # 33200

Mar 31, 2002
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Pros:Easy to use, large tank, some dishwasher safe parts.

Cons:Expensive, a pain the take apart to clean, loud on "hi".

The Bottom Line: While it is expensive, it works very well and has been worth the money.

Nope, no catchy title. I honestly couldn't think of one, so this will have to do.

While living with my parents for a few months we all started having problems with the air being to dry and it messed with our sinuses something awful. None of us could breathe very well. My parents have a small humidifier in their bedroom, but it is small and they close their bedroom door, so in the morning they could breathe while we couldn't, so we decided to go in search of our own relief.

When we went into the Health and Beauty section of Wal-Mart there were quite a few humidifiers to chose from. They also varied in price quite a bit. After we looked at the options of each one, we decided to go with the Hunter Care-Free Humidifier Plus Model # 33200.

The Hunter Care-Free Humidifier Plus Model # 33200 is very easy to assemble. I had to do it myself because my husband had to go to work in another state for a few days, so I was on my own. I almost decided against even trying, but gritted my teeth and broke open the box. I lifted all of the pieces out first to see what I was dealing with.

There were four parts when I pulled it out of the box, but it quickly went together. First there was the base. This is the bottom of the humidifier and the other parts sit in it. It hold the water that drains from the tank before it goes up into the main housing.

The main housing is the largest of the four parts. It slides down into the base and has feet that slide into little grooves in the base. This keeps it from moving around. The main housing is where the motor is.

The next thing I put on the base was part number three, the PermaWick filter and frame. It also has little feet that slide into grooves in the base. It sits behind the main housing on the base. This is supposed to never need replacing as well. You simply take it out of the frame, soak it in a solution of water and vinegar and rinse.

Part four is the water tank. What is unique about it is that you fill it from the bottom. You turn it upside down, fill it with cool water, place the cap back on and turn it back over, sliding it onto the base. There is a little spring loaded button on the cap that is pressed in when it is on the base so that the water will drain out. No more nasty water sitting for weeks as you add new because it didn't get rotated out. All of the water drains out of the tank this way and into the base to be fed to the main housing. This piece has grooves around the bottom that helps is sit in the base without moving.

On top of the main housing is are your controls. On the top, in the middle, is a large, gray vent where the humidified air comes out from. This air is very cool when it comes out. On either side of this are the controls. On the left is the speed control. You have two choices, "lo" and "hi". On the right is your power control, off and on. Above that is a small red light that will be light up if the unit is on.

One thing we liked about the Hunter Care-Free Humidifier Plus Model # 33200 was that it is supposed to put out two gallons of water per day. Now, the only way I have found this to be true was on high. One low it takes at least two days to go thru that much water. The problem with this is that while it says "2-speed Whisper Quiet Hunter fan" it is only quiet on "lo". On "hi" it is rather loud and kept my husband awake the first night we used it on "hi". Since then we have gotten used to it, but it came as a shock because it wasn't exactly our idea of "Whisper Quiet".

Taking it apart for cleaning can also be a pain. The tank itself is a great idea, but that leaves a bunch of water in the base to deal with as all four parts are wet. I carefully place the tank, main housing and then the PermaWick filter and housing on a towel that I laid out very nearby. Then I carry the base to the sink to dump it out and rinse it. Then I rinse the other pieces and re-assemble it.

According to the booklet, the base and the tank are dishwasher safe, but I have yet to put them in there. I didn't want to take a chance on something getting damaged or broken, so I just wash them out by hand. It is faster and easier, to me anyway. They are rather large piece and wouldn't fit easily in our dishwasher anyway.

The Hunter Care-Free Humidifier Plus Model #33200 is supposed to cover up to an 1175 sq ft room space. I am not sure about this myself. Our whole apartment is only 655 sq ft and it does pretty well for us here. We placed the unit in a central location and it does great. In my parents house, however, it covered out room and our son's alright, because they were next to each other, but not much more than that. I imagine it is because they were separate rooms with a lot of walls and such. Our apartment is a fairly open space wit the doors facing the living room, so the air is easily circulated around. You might want to keep this in mind if you are planning on purchasing one for your home. It may take more than one depending on your floor plan.

The Hunter Care-Free Humidifier Plus Model #33200 has been a good humidifier. For us it has been worth more than the money we paid for it. It is easy to use and easy to clean. When I first looked at the instruction manual I was afraid I would never "get it", but then I saw that it was so thick because all of the directions were in that book, were the same, but in three different languages, which is why it looked so thick. There is really nothing to using this machine.

If I needed to buy another humidifier, and I had the money, I would not hesitate to purchase another Hunter Care-Free Humidifier Plus Model #33200. It has been well worth the money spent on it.

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