Western Digital Elements Desktop 2 TB,External,7200 RPM (WDBAAU0020HBK-NESN) Hard Drive Reviews

Western Digital Elements Desktop 2 TB,External,7200 RPM (WDBAAU0020HBK-NESN) Hard Drive

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Storage For Everything: Western Digital 2 Terabyte External Hard Drive.

Aug 8, 2011
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Pros:Huge storage capacity, inexpensive, fast and effecient.

Cons:Don't let anyone steal it.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for an excellent, large capacity external storage unit for your digital data, this one is for you.

Storage For Everything: Western Digital 2 Terabyte External Hard Drive.


James P. Zaworski

We live in the ‘digital age’. Smart phones, digital cameras, digital video, iPads, iPods, PC’s, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, iPhones, and desktops abound and dominate our lives. Documents, spreadsheets, power point presentations, photo editing software, computer games and more can really fill up your computer’s hard drive and also diminish performance. All of this ‘stuff’ is considered to be ‘volatile storage’, meaning that you could lose it all forever due to a virus, hardware malfunction, or when your computer is lost or stolen. What is the solution? Backup!

I am a consumer of computer electronics, and spend a lot of time using my computer and backing things up as well. I have gigabytes of music (my 60 Gb old iPod is full, and I have another 40 additional), gigs of photos, movies, documents, books, teaching files, scans of images, and more scattered about on old computers, current laptops, and smaller capacity external hard drives.
Until now, the largest capacity I had was 500 Gb, and that is nearly full. I have a 250 and a 160 as well, and thought that it was time to consolidate all of that onto just one mega external hard drive.

That is when I came across the Western Digital 2 Terabyte external hard drive. I had seen the 1 Terabyte version, but it would just cover all of my stuff combined, and I prefer to have enough storage space and then some, for future ‘stuff’.

What I Like About the Western Digital Elements 2 Tb External Hard Drive.

1. Storage Capacity.

2 Terabytes of storage is a lot of storage space! At this point, I have about 1 Tb of data on my various computers, including the ‘vitals’ on my other external hard drives. 2 Tb should suffice for a couple of years for me, as the previous terabyte was accumulated over the past five years or more. For most, it may be too much storage space. But for computer nuts who like to squirrel away (or, rather, computer squirrels who like to store their nuts), their data for another day, this is a dream. I have heard talk that a 3 Tb drive is soon to be on the market, if not already.

2. Size and Portability.

You would think that this drive would be considerably larger than the others of smaller capacity, but you’d be wrong in that assumption. The trend has been, and continues to be, smaller, cheaper, faster, and better. This drive is no exception. It’s physically smaller in size than my 500 Gb external hard drive.
It fits neatly into a backpack or can fit along your computer in a laptop case in a side pocket. The bulky thing is the plug.

3. Speed and Performance.

The Western Digital Elements connects to the computer via a USB cable and port. The transfer speed is the fastest I have seen. I transferred fifty gigabytes of files from a notebook computer to the external hard drive, and it transferred in about ten minutes or so. Transfer rates always seemed glacially slow using other external hard drives.

4. Price.

The cost of this external hard drive is reasonable, and I paid under $100 for it including shipping, and purchased it new from Amazon. It is a small price to pay for backup and storage.

In conclusion, all in all, the Western Digital 2 Terabyte External Hard Drive is worth the money that it costs, has enormous storage capacity for all of your digital data, is relatively compact and portable, and gives peace of mind knowing that all of your stuff is in one place. Just don’t lose it, because your peace of mind will be shattered by worry that someone else has all of your stuff! (that’s the only drawback)

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