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When a Stranger Calls (DVD, 2006)

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Oct 24, 2008
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music, the beautiful Camille, and stupidity

Cons:it's a tease

The Bottom Line: if you keep calling, you must want to talk or something?

1. Answer a phone call from a person you do not know
2. Tell that person, who's breathing very funny, you are all alone
3. Have a lot of dark place in a house you do not know
4. Leave your doors and windows open
5. Leave the drapes open, the wonderful stanger would then get the chance to see
6. If he keeps and says nothing, repeat these words "If you keep calling, you must want to talk or something?"
7. Have idiot friends
8. Finally, leave a lot sharp objects around the house, you don't pay attention other than the show Gossip Girls and either High School Musical movies

Sound stupid? Of course, When A Stranger Calls is not a scary, nor tense movie, but a movie say "Get it over with!"
The movie is a remake, what a surprise. I caught it last Saturday on My 45. Free movie, oh whatever. The movie stars Camille as a teen who's life is crashing down, no cellphone, grounded, no car, bf cheater, backstabbing friend, and all that crap. Well, she goes to babysit at a house somewhere in the woods and lake. The owners give her a tour to the house, numbers, and everything that is suppose be given to a babysitter. The parents leave, and Camille left all alone, with exception of the sleeping kids. She starts receiving phone calls and strange things start happening. The calls, coming from her friends, are static; meanwhile, she hears strange noises coming from the darkest part of the house. However, they turn out to be the usual, pets, friends, maid, ect,. About half into the movie, she is starts freaking out for she thinks there is something that is stalking her. Like everybody else, they deny such things. After 3/4 of the movie, her fears start coming to life. By this time, the tease made me ask the movie to end.

When A Stranger Calls is not scary, just annoying. The music is good, and the background is good, but there is too much light to stop any of the suspense. Camille's acting is alright: she switches from bad to good. Yes, she is beautiful, but when the "horror" begins, I can't really get to her. For example, "Please don't go, don't open that door, you shouldn't do that!" I can't get into the movie for some bad writing and timing. So by then, I didn't care. I wanted this movie to be over.

The bright side was Camille is pretty, the music, and stupidity like rule #6 and #7. I am not kidding about those rules popping out in this movie.

1 star!

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A slick remake of the 1979 original, Simon West's WHEN A STRANGER CALLS is a contemporary update of a well-known suburban legend. When 16-year-old Jil...
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