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When a Stranger Calls (DVD, 2006)

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Remake doesn't live up to original

Sep 30, 2009
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Pros:decent acting, good setting

Cons:lagging plotline, not scary

The Bottom Line: This movie is not worth it. You're better off renting the original.

This 2006 remake of the 1979 film When A Stranger Calls gave many longtime fans high expectations that went unfulfilled. Although the Camilla Belle's performance is decent, the "scares" aren't scary, and the attempts at suspense become ridiculous after a while. Nearly the entire first half of the movie consists of countless suspicious phone calls and false alarms. This leaves hardly any time for the actual scary and genuinely entertaining parts of the movie. This annoying habit becomes quite frustrating after a while. The last half hour of the movie goes at lightning speed, cramming way too much material into a short amount of time and barely letting the viewer catch their breath before the next sequence begins. This leads up to a strange and disappointing conclusion. A half-hearted attempt at adding personal drama into the main character's life falls flat, making the viewer wonder what the point was. The general concept of When A Stranger Calls had the potential to be a production that keeps babysitters awake at night. However, the lagging plot line and disappointing ending ruin what could be a fairly decent movie. After ten calls and a way too many false alarms, it gets boring and tedious. Coming out of the movie, the viewer finds himself thinking that the best part of the movie was the fancy lakeside house it took place in.

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A slick remake of the 1979 original, Simon West's WHEN A STRANGER CALLS is a contemporary update of a well-known suburban legend. When 16-year-old Jil...
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