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Wii Fit Made My Mii Fat!-How To Find A Wii Fit (And What It Is)!

Aug 25, 2008 (Updated Mar 24, 2010)
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Pros:Fun Way To Exercise, Creates A Daily Routine

Cons:No Multiplayer, Not the most accurate scale...

The Bottom Line: Where you can find and buy Wii Fits, and a complete overview of the game!

So you've heard of Wii Fit - you've gone to the store and the shelf has constantly been empty and you have no idea why. Well, Nintendo has rolled out the Wii Fit much like they have rolled out the Wii console - very slowly to keep supply under control and demand high. That's right, someone at Nintendo headquarters took Econ 101. And it actually works.

I'm going to do two different things here. First, I'm going to tell you how to better your chances of getting a Wii Fit, and second, I'm going to tell you what Wii Fit actually is

~~If you are looking for Wii Fit Plus, please read my review here~~

~~As a quick note - Wii Fit is #20 on my Top 50 Wii Games List~~

How To Find A Wii Fit
Be warned - this is no easy task. You may get lucky and stumble upon one. Good for you! Or maybe these things are easier to get outside of the greater New York area... This is how I managed to get a Wii Fit - hopefully it works for you too.

Step 1. Don't Get Stuck With One Store!
This may sound basic, but it's a rut that you can get stuck in! If, for example, you go into a store and they keep telling you that they don't have any in, but they will hopefully have some in by the end of the week (but don't know when), don't get stuck with them! Shop around and see if there is anywhere else that has them! If they especially don't know when they are going to get them in, that means that you will not be able to find out, so it probably means that you're not going to get one... unless you get really lucky and happen to go to the store right after they come in...

Step 2. Delivery Dates
If you can find out when stores are getting their shipments in, but you cannot actually reserve one, go in on the day they get their shipments! This seems pretty straight forward... but sometimes you may just not think to ask the clerk when they get normal shipments in...

Step 3. Saturday Ads!
The Saturday paper can tell you a lot - especially for electronics! If you are looking for something that is difficult to find, check the ads in the paper! These are normally ads for Sunday, and if they have something in there, it has to be in the store! So for example, if you check the Best Buy ad and see that they have Wii Fits advertised, that means that they have to have Wii Fits in the store (come Sunday - because that's when the ad starts). However, underneath the picture it normally says what the minimum quantity per store is - so if it is 10, that means you generally need to be one of the first 10 people there looking for a Wii Fit. Bottom line, get to the store early on Sunday if that's what your heart is set on!

Step 4. Reservation!
See if you can find a place where you can reserve a copy of Wii Fit! There may be a waiting period, but at least you'll get one sooner or later! At an FYE around me, you can reserve copies of Wii Fit for $10 down, and if you back out, you just have to spend that $10 on something else! Not a bad deal (although it may take you a month or two to actually get it.

Step 5. Get Lucky!
Unfortunately, there is going to be a bit of luck involved here (unless you're willing to pay up for one on EBay...), so do not get discouraged quickly! Keep trying!

Step 6. Use Websites To Your Advantage
There are two websites that I have seen that actually list if stores have Wii Fit's in stock:

That's it for how to find one - happy searching!

What Is Wii Fit?
Now onto the good stuff - what Wii Fit actually is! Nintendo has done a great job (just like they did with the Wii Console) with marketing Wii Fit and controlling supply - you want one, but you don't exactly know what it is! Well fear no more! Read on!

Wii Fit Overview
Wii Fit is a game that utilizes the Wii Balance Board (comes with the game), and uses different training methods to help you reach a weight/BMI goal that you set for yourself at the beginning. You track your progress through (supposed to be daily) body tests, and the animated Wii Balance Board updates you on your progress. The four different training methods are yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance, and each has a bunch of different options (mini-games... but this isn't supposed to be fun, it's working out!!).

Getting Started - Initial Body Test
The initial body test is interesting - mostly because it balloons your Mii and makes it fat... unless you already are in good shape/weight... Not the case for me, though, so Wii Fit made my Mii fat. I digress...
For the initial body test, you first select your Mii (which you have hopefully created already - if not you'll have to go create one now!), and then enter information such as your height and birthday (if the information is not already tagged to your Mii), and your weight and BMI are measured and calculated, as well as your center of balance (because the Wii Balance Board is actually split in half and can measure how much weight you put on either leg, as well as how far forward or backwards you are leaning). After that test, you take two balance tests, and your Wii Fit Age is calculated (see below). After all this, you set a weight loss / BMI goal for yourself, and set the timetable that you want to use (anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months).

Daily Body Test
The daily body test works in the same way as the initial body test, except that you do not enter height information. You also get to track your information and progress, and the animated Wii Balance Board will tell you how you are doing (and either ask why you gained weight, or tell you that you are getting closer to your goal), and tell you how much more you have to go until you reach your goal. At the end of each daily body test, you get to put a stamp on the calendar! The more daily body tests you do, the more stamps become available to you (you start out with a foot stamp, the next one you unlock is "ok", the next one is a star, etc.).

The Scale
My only complaint is that the scale is not very accurate (it adds pounds!). If you are trying to lose weight, though, that might not be the worst thing, since you may work harder to lose those additional pounds. The only way that I know the scale is really off is that I went and had a physical, where my weight was very close to my bathroom scale weight, and about ten pounds less than my Wii Fit weight. Again, not the end of the world, but it definitely makes you feel more like a fatty when you don't need to...

Wii Fit Age
To me, the Wii Fit Age is a fictitious number that is calculated using an unknown formula and tossed out there in an effort to motivate you on another level. I'm 24, and I've had a Wii Fit Age as high as 46, and as low as 23. I feel as though I do about the same on the balance tests that are used to determine your Wii Fit Age, but it still fluctuates for unknown reasons. I've found that it now keeps me in a range (mid-20's), but I still don't know what to take away from it aside from another level of competition (not necessarily a bad thing).

The Games
This is what you bought (or want to buy) Wii Fit for, right? So let's get into what it has to offer. As I said above, there are four different types of games you can play - and each ones has its own set of mini-games. For each mini-game, I will show you the name, followed by the description on the Wii Fit, and then my thoughts.

Before Wii Fit, I had never done anything yoga-related, so if you are a yoga-enthusiast you may have a different perception of Wii Fit Yoga than I have. That being said, I think that it has been a great introduction to yoga for most people, and, for me, has shown me how bad I am at certain poses... As you complete some of the yoga poses, it will tell you that it is a good idea to combine some of them with specific strength training exercises - which is a great way for you to try and work on certain muscles (if you would like to!). Here's what Wii Fit Yoga has to offer (on the first four are there initially, and you will unlock more as you play Wii Fit more and more):

Deep Breathing - Using this breathing method can help improve your metabolism. - I can do this one, right? I breathe all day anyways! Well, the idea behind deep breathing is to keep your center of balance within a displayed yellow circle (your center of balance is shown as a red dot), and to breathe in and out as a light blue circle expands and contracts. Pretty straight forward, and a great way to start!

Half-Moon - Stretches your waist muscles and can help improve your posture and digestive health. - Unlike Deep Breathing, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I tried this one. Overall, though, it is not particularly difficult - the idea is to interlace your fingers over your head and lean left and right with your trainer, holding the pose and keeping your center of balance in the yellow circle while breathing regularly to the expanding and contracting light blue circle (the shape you make is meant to be a half-moon, hence the name...).

Warrior - Strengthens your thighs and hips, and also helps align your pelvis. - Don't get the wrong impression here, this pose does not teach you the ancient art of sword fighting. It does, however, teach you how to maintain your center of balance while stretching the putting pressure on each leg separately. The idea is that you keep one foot straight forward on the Wii Balance Board, and your other behind it perpendicular (creating a stretch), and leaning on your leg that is over the Wii Balance Board. Your goal is to keep your center of balance in the middle, and you do this visually by trying to keep your red bar that grows with added weight within a blue area. Like all yoga, you also need to breathe regularly during this pose.

Tree - Helps strengthen your legs and back. - The idea of the Tree Pose is to balance on one leg while putting the opposite foot on your thigh, all with your hands above your head. I was terrible at this one... and Wii Fit knew that I toppled over at one point and put my other leg down, and it called me out on it...

Sun Salutation - Tone your arms and thighs. - This one has you first lean backwards, and then lean forwards and try and touch your toes. And when you get up after that, you keep your legs slightly bent and stand up. The idea here is to keep your center of balance in the middle, but you have an oval to try and keep it in, since your center of balance will inevitably go backwards when you lean back, and forwards when you lean down to touch your toes.

Standing Knee - Improves flexibility in your thighs. - The idea here is to stand on one leg and pull the opposite knee into your chest, all while maintaining your center of balance within an oval.

Palm Tree - Helps strengthen your ankles and stretches your back. - For the Palm Tree, you need to stand up on your toes while keeping your arms stretched behind you, and keeping your center of balance within a circle.

Chair - Helps to strengthen your back and legs, as well as your abs. - Here you get on your toes, extend your arms forward, and then sit down slightly, while maintaining your center of balance in a circle.

Triangle - Helps strengthen your lower body and tone your waist. - This one uses a similar pose to Warrior, where you have one leg off the Wii Balance Board behind it, and one on it, and your goal is to keep your weight level on one leg within a blue area. The difference here, though, is that you lean forward and touch your ankle that is on the Wii Balance Board with one hand, while keeping the other straight up in the air.

Downward-Facing Dog - Stretches your back and helps to strengthen your whole body. - Your trainer does a good job of walking you through this one, since it is the first pose where you are not looking at the screen. You first get on your hands and knees, and place your hands on the Wii Balance Board. At your trainers instructions, you take your knees off the ground by standing up (kinda). The Wii Balance Board is then measuring your weight distribution between your hands and legs (measured by how much pressure you are putting on the Wii Balance Board with your hands).

Dance - Helps tone your hips and align your spine. - Like the Tree Pose that somewhat defeated me, you need to stand with one leg on the Wii Balance Board. What's different, though, is that you hold your other leg behind you, and keep your other arm out in front. This pose worked really well when I kept my abs tense the whole time, something that probably won't surprise a lot of you, but I enjoyed finding it out. You need to keep your center of balance within the yellow circle once again.

Cobra - Builds strength and flexibility in your back muscles and can help correct your posture. - Yoga for the sake of yoga?? This one doesn't use the Wii Balance Board, so you do this one not for the glory of the User Rankings, but to actually get exercise. You lay on the floor with your stomach down, and push up while keeping your pelvis on the ground.

Bridge - Strengthens your torso and help tone your hips. - Like Cobra, you don't need the Wii Balance Board for this one, so you can either do it for free minutes while sitting on the couch writing a review (which defeats the purpose of Wii Fit!), or you can get down on the ground and do it for the sake of getting in shape.

Spinal Twist - Stretches your back and helps align your pelvis. - For this one, you do not need the Wii Balance Board. You lay down on your back with your arms out, then pick one leg up and bring it to the opposite side of your body, while turning your head in the other direction. During this, you really feel it in your lower back (a great stretch!).

Shoulder Stand - Helps strengthen your abs and back, as well as align your legs. - Another one that doesn't require the Wii Balance Board (but I guess that makes them a little more difficult)! You lay on your back, and the end product has you with your shoulders and triceps on the floor, with your hands on your lower back and your legs straight up in the air (and your chin is basically in your chest).

Yoga Rankings - All of the different types of training have their own rankings next to the stars that you get. So in yoga, the rankings are as follows:
One Star - Yoga Newcomer
Two Stars - Yoga Novice
Three Stars - Yoga Trainer
Four Stars - Yoga Expert

The strength games are designed to help you tone your body and build muscle, all without using weights and only using your own bodyweight (although occasionally having to hold a Wiimote - I hope you can handle that!). Many of the exercises are designed to strengthen your core, which so many people forget is vital to overall fitness.

Adjusting Difficulty - As you play more and more, more reps will become available to you (thus increasing the level of difficulty).

Single Leg Extension - Helps build triceps, torso, and hip muscles and improves coordination. - With this exercise, you start by balancing on your right leg and having your left leg up in front of you (think of pausing a moment of doing a high-knees warm up), with your right arm forward and your left one back. After that, you push your left leg backwards, along with your right arm, and bring your left arm forward. While doing this, you are also trying to keep your center of balance within a yellow oval (similar to a lot of the yoga exercises).

Push-up and Side Plank - Helps tone your chest, shoulder, and arm muscles. - This exercise works with you placing your hands on the Wii Balance Board, and extending your legs (think of the push-up position). Then you go through and do one push-up, one right-side plank, and one left-side plank (the side planks are where you leave one arm down and hold yourself up, with the other arm directly above your body - you're basically on your side). As you do more and more, the options for the number of reps increases (and you are encouraged to do more...).

Torso and Waist Twists - Works your side abdominal muscles to help give you a more toned look. - This one has two parts (the name gives it away, doesn't it?). The first part are torso twists, where you extend your arms and twist your torso left and right (pretty self explanatory from the name), all while trying to keep your center of balance within a yellow circle. The second part has you still extend your arms, but then twist diagonally, with your left arm going diagonally towards your right ankle and vice-versa, still while trying to keep your center of balance within the yellow circle.

Jackknife - Works your abs to help you develop a well-toned body. - This of this one as sit-ups on crack, you start by placing your feet on the Wii Balance Board, laying backwards, and then having both your arms and legs go upwards, creating a "V" with your body. The game tracks your progress as you do the exercise to the speed that it tells you to, and it keeps track of when you take your feet off the Wii Balance Board and when you return them.

Lunge - Helps strengthen your thighs and hips to give you toned legs and hips. - Place your hands behind your head like you're in the process of getting arrested. Good! Now step back from the vehicle... with one leg! Alright, enough of that... this exercise works with you extending one leg backwards off the Wii Balance Board, and you going towards the ground (with your hands clasped behind your head), with the goal of maintaining a 90 degree angle with the leg that is on the Wii Balance Board.

Rowing Squat - Builds your thigh and back muscles to help you develop good posture. - This one has you doing squats while contracting your arms in a rowing motion. The goal is to keep your center of balance on the back of the Wii Balance Board (you have to try and keep your red dot in the blue target area, which highlights the back quarter-or-so of the balance area).

Single Leg Twist - Helps build your side abdominal muscles to give you a more toned look. - This exercise focuses on your abs, and it does this by having you extend one leg backwards, and the opposite arm forwards, and then having them come together in the middle of your body. While doing this, you are supposed to maintain your center of balance within a yellow oval.

Sideways Leg Lift - Helps strengthen side and shoulder muscles for that well-toned look. - Similar to the Single Leg Twist, this exercise has you standing on one leg on the Wii Balance Board. You start with your legs and arms together, though, and extend one leg and the opposite arm outwards at the same time, and then bring them back in together. While you are doing this, you are trying to keep your center of balance in a yellow oval.

Plank - Helps strengthen your core muscles to give you a flexible body with good posture. - I never quite knew what to call this exercise, aside from "hold that half-push-up until your abs scream mercy." I now know to call it Plank. The idea here is to place your forearms on the Wii Balance Board, extend your legs backwards, and hold that pose for a certain period of time (starts out at 30 seconds and you can opt for longer as you unlock greater difficulties). You goal during this is to keep your center of balance in the middle of the board, although I couldn't see it until it gave me the review at the end. As of right now, wow I'm out of shape.

Triceps Extension - Helps strengthen your triceps to give you leaner, more toned arms. - How hard can this one be? All you have to do is extend your arm, right? Right! (I bet you were expecting a wrong!) This exercise does not use the Wii Balance Board - instead, you hold the Wiimote in one hand, place that arm straight up, and bend it backwards and then bring it back up (while keeping your elbow stead!). This may not seem like a lot, but if you do enough reps, I promise you'll start to feel it! It's also important to remember that your triceps are a significant portion of your upper arm, so while you may be constantly working out your biceps, you need to keep those triceps tone too in order to look good!

Arm and Leg Lift - Tones shoulder and hip muscles to improve body balance - Another one that doesn't use the Wii Balance Board! It does use the Wiimote, though, so you do have to do this exercise to get the credit... This one has you get down on your hands and knees, and extend the opposite arm and leg outward. It tracks the height of your Wiimote, which is uses that data to check your center of balance. This one also keeps track of the data, so you do want to take this one seriously (if you're going to be competing with others, that is...).

Single-Arm Stand - Helps tone abdominal and thigh muscles and helps improve coordination. - Stand up! Stand up! When I move, you move! Just like that? Enough of that... this exercise has you lay down on the floor, holding the Wiimote above you. While holding the Wiimote up, you need to sit up, and then stand up, using only your legs and the arm that doesn't have the Wiimote in it, and then lay back down. Your score is measured by how vertical you keep your Wiimote the whole time.

Push-Up Challenge - The idea is to challenge your trainer to do as many push-ups as you can! (I haven't tried it yet... so I can't really review...)

Jackknife Challenge - Challenge your trainer to do as many jackknife's in a row as possible!

Plank Challenge - Challenge your trainer!

Strength Rankings
One Star - Couch Potato
Two Stars - Exercise Novice
Three Stars - Fitness Enthusiast
Four Stars - Bodybuilder

While I normally associate aerobics with step classes and power walking, these are a little more fun (in my mind). They are designed to keep you moving, which will help you shed pounds!

Adjusting Difficulty - As you play some of the games a few times, longer or more difficult options become available (some you start with a few minutes and then longer options become available, for example). Once these options are available, you can choose which one you want to play on, and the User Rankings are different (see below for an explanation of the User Rankings).

Hula Hoop - Sway your hips to spin the Hula Hoop. Get a good workout, and help align your pelvis! - The idea here is to stand on the Wii Balance Board and make a circle motion with your hips (just as if you were using a hula hoop for real!). You can choose to make your hips circle in either direction, and as you go on, your Mii friends will toss additional hula hoops at you (which you catch by leaning either right or left)! The more hula hoops you have, the faster your spin total goes up.

Basic Step - Step to the front, back, left, and right to help improve your sense of rhythm. - For this one, you are performing in front of a live audience - do not get stage fright! You are part of a step crew (or something like that), where you are stepping on and off the Wii Balance Board in patterns that come up on the screen. Think of it as DDR, but walking instead of fast dancing... Anyways, you are judged based on how you do in keeping your Mii in sync with the other Mii's, and at the end are judged based on Perfect, OK, and Miss (which are worth 2, 1, and 0 points, respectively). The movements are either step straight on and off the board, or step left and right off the board.

Basic Run - Put the Wii Remote in your pocket and run in place to burn that body fat. - You follow a trainer while you run in place, and your goal is to keep a good pace (without running too fast and having your Mii trip over itself - hilarious!). I'm not a huge fan of this one, since technology to track you running in place really isn't that new or sophisticated, and it's pretty unrewarding...

Super Hula Hoop - Sway your hips from side to side to help align your pelvis and burn off calories. - Think of this one as an advanced Hula Hoop (because, well, it is...). You start out by having your hips make a circle to the right, and you do this for 90 seconds (the same way that you did in Hula Hoop). The second round is 90 second to the left. At the end of this, you are judged by the combined number of spins, but it also draws out every circle that you did in either direction, and then shows you the average shape for each direction (pretty neat, actually).

Advanced Step - Step on and off the balance board in time with the rhythm to help burn off calories. - Just like Basic Step, except that it moves a little bit faster at times, and you have a few more things tossed at you - stepping onto the board diagonally (angled either left or right), and there is a leg-kick involved too.

2-P Run - A friend can join you with a second Wii Remote, but their data will not be saved. - Exactly the same as the Basic Run, except that you can have two people run at the same time. This is the only two person game available on Wii Fit.

Rhythm Boxing - Throw punches in time with the rhythm. This workout will help you burn you body fat. - This is probably my favourite aerobic exercise and, in my mind, is how boxing on Wii Sports should have been (although Wii Sports couldn't have utilized the feet rhythm, but that's besides the point). You follow patterns that your trainer shows you, and you punch targets either on the right or left of the mechanical punching bag in front of you (since it has moving parts and jumps at you at times). Overall, a good aerobics workout and a lot of fun!

Free Step - Do aerobics while you watch TV. Just follow the sound of the Wii Remote. - How can you play Wii Fit and watch TV at the same time?? Impossible, No? Nintendo utilized the speaker that is built into the Wiimote beautifully here. The steps are much less advanced than Basic Step and Advanced Step, and that's because you do not need to actually watch. All you do in Free Step is step on and off the board for either 10, 20, or 30 minutes, and you do this to the beat that comes out of your Wiimote speaker! You do not actually need to see this, so if you want to do Free Step while watching the morning news, go right ahead! While I initially thought that it was going to be pretty easy to just step on and off the Wii Balance Board continuously, by minute 8 it definitely started to be a workout!

Free Run - Go for a run while you watch TV. Let the Wii Remote guide you. - Much like Free Run, you do not need to actually have your screen set on Wii Fit once you start this one up, you can enjoy the morning news or do this while watching cartoons (whatever floats your boat, really...). You can again set this to 10, 20, or 30 minutes, and you just need to jog in place, just like Basic Step (no Wii Balance Board needed). Every step that your Mii takes during Free Run you will hear out of the Wiimote speaker!

Aerobics Rankings
One Star - Calorie Burner
Two Stars - Calorie Roaster
Three Stars - Calorie Torcher
Four Stars - Calorie Incinerator

The balance games are where you can really compete with your friends - they tend to be the quickest games and the most "playable". Unlike yoga and strength, you actually feel like you are playing a game (no trainers involved here!). The difference between the balance and aerobics games is that the aerobics games are a little bit longer and you are normally trying to follow aerobic patters, while the balance games are shorter and more like quick games.

Adjusting Difficulty - As with the aerobics and strength games, some of the balance games have varying degrees of difficulty, which you can select between once you unlock them.

Soccer Heading - Head the soccer balls as they get kicked at you, but dodge other flying objects! - Just to start off, you should know that the other flying objects are soccer cleats and panda heads - I guess they use panda heads because they look like soccer balls, but it is a little strange... That being said, this is one of my favourite games on Wii Fit. You get one point for each soccer ball that you head, plus a bonus point for consecutive balls hit (up to ten points per ball). If you get hit in the head by a soccer cleat, however, it is negative one point, and a panda head will cost you three points (plus kill any consecutive soccer ball bonus you may have going).

Ski Slalom - Lean left and right to ski down a slalom course. - Never have I felt so unbalanced in my life... The idea here is to keep your weight forward (like your skiing), while shifting your balance left and right to move you Mii around the slope and through the slalom gates! While it sounds easy, they definitely incorporate over-turning, which is a great feature (since you have to do more than just completely shift your weight), but it does make it very frustrating at times! You want to get down the slope as fast as possible, but every missed gate will add 7 seconds to your time!

Ski Jump - Straighten your knees at the right moment to jump for glory. - This one has definitely been the center of attention for us, because it is pretty quick to play, and you can create huge scores if you time your jump right. The idea is that you want to have your center of balance forward and in the middle, but not too far forward! You have your normal small center of balance circle, but with Ski Jump your target area is the same size as your center of balance circle. As you go down the ski jump, you then have to extend your knees (without jumping off the Wii Balance Board!) at the takeoff time, and maintain your balance while your Mii is flying through the air. If you don't take off, your Mii become a giant snowball as it falls off the ski jump ramp and tumbles down the hill.

Table Tilt - Lean your body left, right, forward, and backward to tilt the balls into the holes. - For this balance game, your Mii turns into a marble, and your goal is to direct the marble into the hole on the platform without sending it over the edge. You tilt the platform by adjusting your weight on the Wii Balance Board, and as you go on, more Mii marbles will show up (the other Mii's that are on your Wii, as well as some default and guest ones).

Tightrope Walk - Walk in place to cross the tightrope. Bend and straighten your knees to jump. - Your goal during this game is to tightrope walk from one building to another, maintaining your balance while avoiding distractions (such as heavy wind, birds, and chomp clamps). A chomp clamp will approach you as you try to walk across, and you need to have your balance in the middle as you jump over it, otherwise you will launch yourself into the great unknown.

Balance Bubble - Guide your Mii safely down the river by leaning to the left, right, front, and back. - This one is incredibly difficult, but incredibly addicting. Your Mii is in a bubble that is on a river, and you need to navigate the river without hitting the sides or flying bees (which you do by adjusting your weight on the Wii Balance Board). If you hit anything, your bubble will pop, your Mii will fall into the water, and you will lose!

Penguin Slide - Shift your body rapidly to the left and right to tilt the iceberg and feed the penguin. - A very simple but very addicting game, the idea is that you are a penguin and you need to eat fish as they launch themselves onto your unsteady piece of ice. As you shift your balance left and right, your penguin-Mii slides with you (but you don't want to go off the edge!). The blue fish are worth 1 point, the green fish (that bounce a little more) are worth 2 points, and the red fish (that you have to vertically launch yourself off the edge for!) are worth ten points!

Snowboard Slalom - Lean left and right as you snowboard down a slalom course - For this one, you turn your Wii Balance Board 90 degrees and stand on it like a snowboard. The rest is exactly like Ski Slalom, just make your way down the course and try and go through every gate!

Lotus Focus - Find your inner peace through this ancient Zen practice. - All the balance games have been a lot of fun, and then Lotus Focus showed up... Your goal is to sit on the Wii Balance Board and look at a candle in the dark, and the more still you sit, the faster it drips down. I have played this game once... and I'm pretty sure it will be the only time I play it...

Balance Rankings
One Star - Unbalanced
Two Stars - Amateur
Three Stars - Professional
Four Stars - Champion

User Rankings - Adding A Level Of Competition To The Mix!
Each game offers User Rankings, which you can see as you complete each one. The idea here is that you can either try and improve upon your previous scores, or you can try and beat the scores that everyone else has posted. Let's be honest, you're not here to play against yourself, you're hear to beat everyone else! It adds a level of competitiveness to Wii Fit, since you can't play against other people at the same time (no multiplayer!).

Ultimate Balance Test
I actually found this one by accident (it's really not obvious). You get to it by pointing at the animated Wii Balance Board (I got it while it was running on the treadmill in the background) and clicking A. The idea is that you have to do the ultimate balance test (in 3 parts) - get your weight exactly at 50/50. I have tried it, and failed... getting to the third level, but never past...

Unlockable Stamps
As you go through and complete more daily body tests, you can unlock more stamps that you can use on your calendar. Here's how many daily body tests you'll need to do to unlock them:
OK - 2 Daily Body Tests
Star - 5 Daily Body Tests
Heart - 6 Daily Body Tests
Flower - 10 Daily Body Tests
Smiley Face - 14 Daily Body Tests
Mii - 30 Daily Body Tests

While some of the exercises are simple and straight forward, it definitely gets me off the couch and motivates me to work out, especially with a good level of fun and a healthy level of competition. It also does a good job of getting me into a daily routine too, since I now try and do the daily body test as it's designed to be done - every day!

Please check out other reviews on my Top 50 Wii Games List!

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