Windex Powerized Formula Glass & Surface Cleaner, 32 oz. Trigger Bottle, 12/Ct Reviews
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Windex Powerized Formula Glass & Surface Cleaner, 32 oz. Trigger Bottle, 12/Ct

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I Have the Power -- using Windex Power Formula Cleaner

Jul 11, 2012
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Pros:trigger spray nozzle, large 32 fluid ounce size, cleans a variety of surfaces

Cons:still has the typical Windex odor

The Bottom Line: We like this Windex Power Formula Glass and Surface Cleaner.  It cleans things we didn’t expect it would be able to handle.

Our other liquid cleaner disappeared.  I was assigned the task to find something that worked well on grease, and the Windex brand would be a bonus.  I bought this Windex Power Formula Glass and Surface Cleaner.


There are 32 fluid ounces of blue scented liquid in the plastic bottle.  A trigger squeeze dispenser atop the bottle aims and squirts the spray, and the nozzle can be turned to either “on” or “off” so that the liquid freely squirts when the trigger is pulled (or not).

Windex advertises streak-free shine with their Power Formula.  This is a glass and multi-surface cleaner with claims to having additional power to clean grease and grime.  It is meant to use on glass and mirrors, appliances, and countertops (including sealed granite), sinks, stainless steel and chrome.  This product does not contain phosphorous.

There are use instructions.  However, the label on the front of my bottle is double-sided, which means in order to read the instructions, I have to view them through the back side of the clear bottle (and read them through the blue Windex liquid).

Cautions include keeping this product away from children.  Also do not mix with other household cleaners.  There is also a caution not to use this product on wood or varnished surfaces.  Plus, the manufacturer says to unplug electrical appliances before cleaning them with this product.

Our Experiences

I bought this cleaner after my last liquid cleaner vanished to another part of the office building.  There was a special request to purchase Windex, so when I saw this power formula, it looked like a good buy.

Windex Power Formula has done everything we have asked it to do, plus more.  The spray trigger is easy to use.  Pull it to squirt a spray of liquid.  Just make sure the nozzle is pointed in the direction where you want the liquid to squirt.  (Yes, we have had a few miss fires.)  There is a twisting bit at the end of the nozzle to open or close the nozzle opening, but not everyone uses it.

When I spray this cleaner on our photocopier machines, the glass plates comes very clean with no streaks.  It does a great job at cleaning a variety of surfaces, too.  My desk is composed from some type of hard laminate that Windex easily tackles.  I have cleaned plastic and metal file organizers as well as Hon metal file cabinets.  Even though the product says not to use on wood, I have sprayed some Windex liquid on a paper towel and then swiped the cloth over the top of office furniture (credenzas and bookcases).  The furniture has seen so much use and abuse I figured any damage would be minimal, and the cleaner works fine on those wood surfaces.  (The manufacturer does recommend testing an area of a surface before using the cleaner.)

In a bind for whiteboard cleaner, a coworker and I sprayed this Windex on some whiteboards to clean them.  It worked great, though that purpose is not noted on the label.

Other coworkers kidnap this Windex to clean around the gas grill after we have a company cookout.  They are very happy with how well it cleans the greasy residue that splatters onto the work surfaces.  This Windex also does a great job at wiping messes from the folding tables that are used.

The liquid does have the typical Windex odor, but the smell isn’t awful.  It has a clean scent that will cling to skin.  I always make sure to wash my hands well after I use this product since I don’t like smelling like Windex.


I bought this Windex cleaner from BJ’s wholesale.  One bottle cost me about $5.00.  A carton of twelve 32 fluid ounce bottles costs $67.99.


This Windex Power Formula Glass and Surface Cleaner proved to be an excellent purchase.  It has worked well on very task assigned to it.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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Copyright 2012 Dawn L. Stewart

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