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WWE: Elimination Chamber 2010 - Enter: The Paradise of Pain. 69%

Jun 7, 2010 (Updated Jun 19, 2010)
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Pros: Solid chamber matches

Cons:Nothing else stands out

The Bottom Line: Chamber matches are the reasons to rent this one.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

Seriously, this had to be the most predictable event in recent memory. I mean as far as outcomes were concerned, everything could be seen before the event took place, and while watching the matches unfold. You knew something was going to happen, but you were curious as to how. From the point of view of the booking. I would say that the plot twist were very effective, and as a result, Wrestlemania 26 turned out having a very interesting card. How that card turned out is a review for another day.

WWE finally decided to rename their No Way Out event into the Elimination Chamber, which marks No Way Out 09 as the last one. This years event doesn't come close to the previous years. However, it's still a decent event which puts over several highly anticipated showdowns.

The rules for the ECM(Elimination Chamber Match) is as follows for those who don't know:

1) There are 6 contestants and two will begin the match while the other four are locked in small cages
2) Every 5 minutes a superstar will be released
3) Superstars are eliminated by pinfall or submission
4) The last man remaining will be the winner

1- ECM for the WWE Championship
Sheamus(C) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Randy Orton

This one had a solid beginning and the middle had its moments. Sheamus and Kofi picked things up and the bout had a nice feel. When other superstars entered the fray, the brutality swiftly escalated. It got so bad until the crowd began the "We Want Blood!" chants. The few twist taking place were predictable as the sunrise, but they made their mark. The match had its boring moments when Cena finally came in and hit all of his trade mark moves in succession, and was pretty much done after that. The usual throwdown that takes place between the last two superstars, which normally leaves a lasting impression was lazily put together. In all honesty, even though the aftermath was kind of nice, it was nowhere near believable. The closing minutes almost wrecked this one for me because it was just poorly booked. 3.75/5

2- Intercontinental Championship Match
Drew McIntyre(C) vs. Kane

A decent wrestling match that saw Drew working over Kane's shoulder with grounding tactics to eliminate his biggest offensive moves. They worked a good match with Drew playing into the cowardly heel whose had enough of the whippin'. There were very little interesting spots, and even though the outcome had a cheap feel to it. It worked out well to me, and probably couldn't have worked any other way. 3/5

3- Divas Tag Team Match
Gail Kim & Maryse vs. Michelle McCool & Layla

Originally, this was suppose to be a one on one bout for the Divas title between Maryse & Gail Kim. Until the ultra annoying Vickie Guerrero with her "excuse me!" catch phrase stopped the match and made it into a tag team bout. The match was a handicap with Maryse playing the uncooperative heel, in which, everyone should have seen that coming. The match wasn't very bad, and for a WWE women's match, the offense was somewhat passable. I think Layla has gotten a tiny bit better, but I still don't see much potential out of her. So far, Gail Kim's WWE run has been very disappointing. I hope she returns to TNA because they actually take their women's division serious. 2.25/5

4- US Championship Match
Miz(C) vs. MVP

Much better than their Royal Rumble bout. However, predictability was through the roof here. Mark Henry accompanied MVP to the ring, while Big Show was on Miz's side, so it was a matter of time before all hell broke loose. They brawled with very little wrestling coming into play early on, and the match caught its "second wind" thus leaving the stage of pure mediocrity. The closing minutes were the best with Mark Henry causing ringside damage. Although an interesting bout, these two have yet to really impress me. The thing I couldn't get over, was creative allowing the blade job to take place here, but Triple H wasn't busted open in the ECM. Madness I say. 3.25/5

5- ECM for the World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker(C) vs. Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison

I think this match is over-rated, and R-Truth needs to lose his voice already. His entrance is so damn annoying, I may never say "what's up?" again for the rest of my life. Anyway, the match was pretty solid, and had its entertaining moments, as well as a very funny one for me. But, something just didn't seem to click for me. I think the eliminations were too rapid for one thing, and there weren't enough interesting mix ups. The action here was better than the previous match, with much better spots, and everybody had their little memorable moment to me. The ending was no surprise at all. We were going to get THAT particular event at Mania. But, it was definitely worked out very well. Match of the Night for me. 4/5

The predictability of this event didn't damage it because at the end, I believe WWE finally gave the fans almost everything they wanted to see at Wrestlemania. Although, I won't consider this a great event, or even a very good one. It's definitely worth a rental though. The chamber matches are worth checking out.

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Following Event:

Wrestlemania 26

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A half-dozen pro wrestlers climb into something called the Elimination Chamber, and face off against each other in order to earn a title bout at the u...
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A half-dozen pro wrestlers climb into something called the Elimination Chamber, and face off against each other in order to earn a title bout at the u...
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