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Dec 15, 2011
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Pros:Slim design. Runs quietly. Great online service. An excellent media hub in your living room.

Cons:Only 4GB Hard Drive has limitations.

The Bottom Line: A great value for the casual gamers or family looking for a media hub in their living room.

The Xbox 360 is over 6 years old, and it continues to dominate the console market. The addition of Kinect is a welcome one that opens up opportunities for interaction with this media format. I am going to breakdown what it is like to purchase and operate and Xbox and the Kinect.

First off, this is the slim version. It runs quietly, though you should leave ample space around it for ventilation (as with all electronics it can overheat without proper air flow to the processor). It comes with 4 GB of space only, which is VERY LITTLE for the average gamer. There are always system updates, game updates, game DLC (down-loadable content) and game saves that will probably fill 4 GB very quickly if you play it alot.

Second, the controllers and Kinect are wireless. The controllers are battery powered (you can purchase rechargeable battery packs separately) and the Kinect is powered off the console. The Xbox live interface is easy to use and full of great content. It should be noted that in order to play most games online, or utilize many great features of the Xbox Live Marketplace you will require a subscription (around $65 for a year).

Third, the Kinect only works with games that are made specifically for it. So if you intend to buy or play games that do no require the Kinect you may not need to purchase this package. Some might be wondering what is the Kinect? It is essentially a motion tracking device that reads your body movements and relays that as on screen commands. There is also a camera built in that will take pictures as you play kinect games that will give you some halarious poses (although I find the camera function a little creepy, every time I turn the Xbox on the Kinect looks up at me haha).

Fourth, the Xbox has wireless internet built into it which is very convenient. If you have an Xbox live membership you can use your Xbox for more than just video games, You can stream Netfix (subscription sold separately), or you can use Zune to stream movies or download then with options to purchase or rent using your credit card.

Final Verdict:
You cant go wrong with the Xbox 360. It has a large variety of games, some of the best customer service in the electronics industry, a great Online service and is fun for the whole family. If you are a more serious game player you might want to go for a package with a larger hard drive though.

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