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Young Einstein (DVD, 2005)

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Roll Over Beethoven: Young Einstein

Mar 24, 2004
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Pros:Yahoo Serious, comedy, soundtrack

Cons:Not more comedies like this

The Bottom Line: An exceptional comedy from Australian independent filmmaker Yahoo Serious. A must see for comedy fans.

In 1988 Australian comedian Yahoo Serious burst on the scene with Young Einstein, a rollicking tale of “what if Einstein were born in the land down under?”

I remember seeing Young Einstein at the theater and how the sight gags, slapstick, and verbal humor kept me and my companion in stitches and provided food for discussion long after the movie was over. An acquaintance just lent me her personal copy of the film and I rediscovered how funny Young Einstein is.

The tale is pure blarney and just provides situations for the comedy to happen. Anyway, Albert Einstein (Yahoo Serious) is born to apple farmers in Tasmania. He develops scientific theories to account for various phenomena and, when introduced to his grandfather’s old brewery, he discovers how to put bubbles in the beer, something not before seen, through an atomic reaction. I’ve split the beer atom,” he says, as the shack goes up in a mushroom cloud.

His proud father sends him to the mainland to patent the formula E=MC². After a memorable journey, he arrives in Sydney, only to find that you can’t patent a formula, only an invention. He moves into a hotel that is also a bordello and by turns invents the surfboard, rock n roll music, and the electrification of instruments. All of these developments are put across with some of the most remarkable visuals and comic situations I’ve seen. His great E=MC² formula is stolen by dishonest beer makers who inadvertently develop an atomic bomb that Einstein successfully disarms through his invention of the 4/4 beat and the electric guitar.

The film is written, produced, and directed by Yahoo Serious who also stars. He also performed all the stunts, and there are many. The film is very well photographed and acted by a bevy of good actors, if unknown. The soundtrack is dynamite and went platinum in Australia.

Young Einstein is only available from Warner Bros. on VHS in 4X3 format, which is a pity as the sound would be even better on a DVD.

It is difficult to find fault with Young Einstein if you like comedy a little bit towards the British side but not snobby in the least, you will enjoy this film. Fans of Monty Python, Airplane, Police Academy, or The Naked Gun will enjoy Young Einstein. Just remember to check your pretensions at the door.

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