Yourself or Someone Like You by Matchbox Twenty (Cassette, Oct-1996, Atlantic (Label)) Reviews
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Yourself or Someone Like You by Matchbox Twenty (Cassette, Oct-1996, Atlantic (Label))

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Is it wrong that I love this album so much?

Apr 23, 2001 (Updated Apr 23, 2001)
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Pros:SO many great songs...Back 2 Good is amazing

Cons:More songs would have been nice

The Bottom Line: Rob Thomas is SO talented and his lyrics are so meaningful. The whole album is amazing and addictive. I can't wait to see what's next for MB20.

Okay, I must admit that I just got this album a few months ago, but I was a fan of Matchbox 20's for a long time now. I even bought their "Mad Season" CD the week it came out. But this album is SO great, it made me like them even more. Rob Thomas really is way underrated. I mean, it wasn't until "Smooth" that he started to get SOME major recognition (that I know of). But it was actually "Back 2 Good" which made me buy the's my favorite MB20 song!

real world
This radio hit is a song that I wasn't really sure who sang it. I always liked the song, but I don't think I ever paid attentio to the band that sang it. It's a cool song (you can't say "nice" when it comes to rock, it's "cool"). Although I mostly skip it just cause my radio station would play it SO very much. Grade: B+

long day
This song was surprise for me. I mean it's a wonderful song! It's starts off nice with very little music, then BAM! you get hit with this amazing song. Very good break for the radio hits. Grade: A

3 am
This song, although it was overplayed on the radio, still remains in constant circulation (so to speak) in my CD player. It's a great song and it always brings up memories of my friends in high school. It's a cool kiss @ss song LOL. Grade: A

The beginning of this song is cool because it's basically different from the chorus of the song. I like this song, but the radio over played this one too (but I don't always skip it). Grade: B+

girl like that
Something about this song doesn't make me hit the repeat button on the CD player. But I have yet to skip it. It's a cool song, but I always look at it as song trying to keep my away from the next one (THE I like to call it). But the lyrics are good (of course) and the music is cool too. Grade: B

back 2 good
Ahhhh....just let me sit back and tell you how much I LOVE this song. It's the BEST song on the album and really meaningful. It's about things going wrong, being alone, you know, the happy stuff in life (LOL), and about bringing them back to good, back to normal. But Rob's voice just makes this song what it is. The lyrics are awesome and there is so much emotion in the song. Towards the end, he is really into the song and he takes a breath during the climax and you can almost feel his pain. It's just SUCH a wonderful song, it's on constant repeat in my CD player. Grade: A+++++

VERY different from the previous song, this one is a little more upbeat. Seriously, I am always still thinking about "Back 2 Good". But I never skip it cause it's got a cool sound to it and I love how he says "damn". Grade: B

I really like this song. I mean his lyrics are always about something and the way he says it is just so awesome. Just when you think he'll put the less good stuff on the album, he surprises you. His lyrics here are is the song. Grade: A-

"So please hand me the bottle"...this is the one line that stays in my head from this song. I like how he tells the story of Kody and how he "tapped his feet to the humming of the highway". It's a cool song, very ctachy too. Grade: A-

This is probably my second fave song on the album. It's got a REALLY rock feel to it and he sounds so amazing here. Some kind of anger or rage in his voice. The lyrics just keep getting better and better. I was looking for a good lyric to include here, but there are just too many. I seriously couldn't pick just one. Grade: A+

The thing about this song is that I don't like the chorus all that much. That is really the only reason why I don't really always listen to this one. He repeats "shame" too many times and kinda kills some of the song for me. Grade: B-

This is my third fave song on the album :-) He tries a different approach to singing this song and it works. His vocals are outstanding yet again and he sings with a lot of emotion and pretty much everything in this song is great. I love that he ends tha album just as he starts it, with a BANG! Grade: A+

Overall: A
I think EVERYONE should have this album, I really do. I think that it sucks that Matchbox 20 doesn't have as many fans as say NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. These guys are a LOT more talented and their songs actually mean something. Hopefully more people will discover MB20, they really don't know what they are missing. This album proves that they will be around for a LONG time.

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