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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 3.5

Reviewed by 28 users

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MuscleOffroadQuietReliable-Car 5.7L Limited QD-II

Feb 18, 2011 (Not Yet Rated)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Fast, Reliable (for me), Great Size, NAV, QD-II (best 4wd in world)
Cons: gas mileage, visibility, stability over potholes at 40mph+
The Bottom Line: I like this car. Some people complain about interior materials, I don't.
It's been reliable for me.
It's fast.
Bad gas mileage. Use the 89 for the Hemi.

I got this car as a hand-me-down from my Dad in 2009. It was given to me when it had around 85,000 miles and it no sits at 133,000. In that time, I've had to replace or had repaired: the starter. And thats it. It was the original starter from when the ... read more

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Buy chrysler if you have time to waste

Sep 26, 2008 (Not Yet Rated)

Author's Product Rating: 20 Recommended: No 

Pros: good handling, comfortable ride, attractive interior and exterior
Cons: extremely poor quality parts and power features
The Bottom Line: Don't buy chrysler unless you have time to waste convincing the service department that the poor quality parts are not your fault.

I bought the Jeep 2005 Laredo brand new because I liked the way it looked and went against experienced friends' advice, thinking that maybe the mercedez takeover would have allowed improvements. You'll be having one problem after another and be ... read more

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Can it really get any better than this?

Aug 20, 2008 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Affordable, High Performing, Versatile, Comfortable.
Cons: As any SUV, averaging 15 mpg around town and 19 mpg on the high way.
The Bottom Line: The perfect SUV appealing to all ages and types of people from boys wanting to play in the mud to mothers wanting to haul kids to soccer practice.

I just purchased a used 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7 liter Hemi engine and full rime four-wheel drive. It came equipped with all the bells and whistles that any SUV in its class can adorn such as leather interior, sunroof, power everything, DVD ... read more

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Bad Transmission

Jun 10, 2008 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 10 Recommended: No 

Pros: Better than my old Pontiac. At least this one has air.
Cons: Read the review.
The Bottom Line: I would recommend buying a Jeep prior to 2005. When the engine was remodelled, the quality was taken out.

I too had my transmission replaced after owning the car for 9 months. It always had transmission problems and finally gave out when I was at the university at 10 p.m. It took 40 days to get the parts and have my Jeep back. Now there is a strange clanking ... read more

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After Closer Review - Not so good

Aug 29, 2007 (Not Yet Rated)

Author's Product Rating: 30 Recommended: No 

Pros: Good handling in bad weather
Cons: Terrible seats, several interior annoyances, slow transmission
The Bottom Line: Not as good as I was hoping. Too many little annoyances added up to not liking it after a year of ownership. And TERRIBLE cloth seat material!

Just got rid of our 2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo after a year and a half...bought it in 2006 with 11k miles on it. At first it seemed much more comfortable than my previous Xterra. But as the months went by, little things that bugged my wife and I really ... read more

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It's Perfect...pretty much anyway

Apr 9, 2007 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: It rides nice and the 3.7 has enough power for the driving I do.
Cons: The electronics seem to be difficult for the mechanics to deal with.
The Bottom Line: I would buy again, but if buying used I would try several and pick the best one

I bought my Laredo AWD used with 40,000 miles in November 06. I had it for a week when we hit a deer with it. My wife was driving about 65 miles an hour when a deer jumped in front of us. She stood on the brakes and tried to miss it, but there was no ... read more

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I loooove my Jeep

Mar 15, 2007 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: safe, comfortable, and easy to get attached to!
Cons: I think that the pick up and go could be a little better,
The Bottom Line: This car has made me addicted to the Jeep brand.I guarantee from now on I will always buy a Jeep, Chrysler, or Dodge.

I have the Laredo version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is very sexy to ride in and I get a lot of compliments on it. There is a strong look to the car that makes any man or woman look wonderful when driving it. My jeep is black but has specks of ... read more

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Thumbs up to Jeep for screwing up!

Dec 22, 2006 - Updated Dec 23, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: I'm trying really hard to find some... seems like there will be a great V8
Cons: V6 is not a real Jeep
The Bottom Line: Stay away from the V6!

Yes, I hate SUVs. I hate them with a passion. I hate the way they feel and I very firmly believe that your chances of ending up upside down in them are much higher than the chances of being on the bottom during sex. But some fights you just can't win... ... read more

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I like it most of the time

Oct 30, 2006 - Updated Nov 3, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 20 Recommended: No 

Pros: Smooth Ride, appearance, traction in snow
Cons: Unreliable transmission, low quality parts and electronics.
The Bottom Line: The unreliability I have experienced with this vehicle will keep me away from Chrysler products for a very long time.

First off, I am not going to go into all the car specifications and engine performance that you can easily find at automotive dedicated sites such as Edmunds.com or MSN Autos. What I did want to go over was what my experience after 1 year (14k Miles) ... read more

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I love my Jeep!

Apr 2, 2006 - Updated Jun 16, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Handling, exterior/interior design, engine power, headlights/fog lamps, safety
Cons: poor mpg in city, interior lighting
The Bottom Line: If you can buy the gas, this sport utility vehicle can take you on a safe and smooth journey.

When I first saw the new styling of the 2005 Grand, I didn't really like it. After a while, I really appreciated the new design inside and out. On the older Grand Cherokee Laredo models (1999 to 2004), the front grill is made out of chrome. For the 2005 ... read more

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A very smart used buy

Mar 19, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Ride, V8 Power, styling, All Wheel Drive.
Cons: None really, but I sometimes feel guilty driving an SUV instead of a hybrid.
The Bottom Line: A very good buy.

The 05 Grand Cherokee has really grown on me. I first thought the style was a little dull after owning a 2000 Laredo, however I now like the cleaner appearance of the 2005. I bought a lease return 05 Laredo with 30,000Km. It was $10,000 less than a ... read more

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NO Service in Customer service

Mar 5, 2006 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 20 Recommended: No 

Pros: Great steering Great 4x4 for snow and the beach Nice power in the v8
Cons: Poor on gas, Poorly built, No Customer support, does not stand behind product
The Bottom Line: Have money saved for gas and for repairs. Get the best warranty that you can buy

My wife and I bought the 2005 Grand Cherokee almost one year ago. First American car I bought. I loved it until the first week when it rained. I had water coming in from the drivers and Passenger side Pillar handles. Took it back to the dealer the ... read more

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My first Jeep

Sep 28, 2005 (Not Yet Rated)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Very quiet, smooth ride. Sharp lines. Good pick up with V8. Nice leg room.
Cons: Jeep lied about the gas mileage! Back seat head rests. Lots of blind spots.
The Bottom Line: It is a very good ride. Handles well in all weather conditions. Very powerful V8 takes on whatever you would like to give it!

I looked for atleast 3 months to find the perfect car. Being 6'3" its not that easy to be picky. I wanted something that could take the trails, but also be some what fancy. I really didn't think that I would fall in love with a jeep until I drove it. My ... read more

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Great Handling and Value

Jun 6, 2005 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Power, Handling, NAV/Audio/Bluetooth,
Cons: Some plastics, back seat room
The Bottom Line: Great value, handling and performance for an SUV.

This is my fifth Cherokee and is by far the best one yet. The 5.7L is remarkably smooth, as is the transmission. I sold my Lexus 2001 LS430 (sedan) prior to purchasing this vehicle, and also currently own a 2003 Lincoln Navigator, so I have a pretty good ... read more

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Drives So Well, I Can Almost Forgive The Misleading Ads.

Jun 3, 2005 - Updated Jan 27, 2006 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 30 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Surprisingly fluent steering and handling, robust V8 power, excellent driving position, comfortable ride.
Cons: Low and cramped back seat, hard-'n'-grainy interior plastics, poor fuel economy, no third-row seating.
The Bottom Line: Think of the Grand Cherokee as an everyman's BMW X5. It's one of the most fun-to-drive midsize SUVs on the market, but also one of the least practical.

My Experience Every once in a while, I see a car commercial whose claims are so ludicrous, I can't help but laugh out loud. The Buick ad where Tiger Woods praised the Rendezvous' "sports-sedan" handling is one example. Dodge's drag-racing Ram ... read more

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Good Value

May 10, 2005 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Ride, handling, cost, looks.
Cons: Wind noise from sunroof, gas mileage.
The Bottom Line: For the money, I don't think you can do better in the mid-size SUV class.

I recently purchased the 2005 Grand Cherokee Rocky Mountain Edition with the V8 engine. The reasons that I purchased this edition are because I wanted leather heated seats, nicer rims, and a sunroof, but I did not need all of the extras that come with ... read more

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Epinions Express Reviews
What can i say Jeep has good and bad sides to the Grand Cherokee.
Apr 19, 2008 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Body Design and slanted position give Grand Cherokee a sleek rough design while looking sporty
Cons: the gas mileage is ridiculous, seating in the back not all that comfortable
Well i fell in love with the head lights, and the grill. The fog lights ad that special look that this great SUV deserves. I own a silver 2005 Grand Cherokee and i love it for the most part. I have the Laredo model with chrome trim all around, sport ... read more
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It is a real Jeep
Aug 16, 2006 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Power,handling, safety,comfort,and great gas mileage for the intended application.
Cons: It is a "special-purpose" vehicle" not a flimsy "SUV".
I love my 5.7 Jeep Cherokee and it has been perfect. It pulls 7000 #'s over the Rockie's in weather that leaves Land Rover's calling for a tow. I average 20 in highway driving and 17 around town. I am sure it is possible to get less with a stone foot. ... read more
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2005 jeep grand cherokee
Jun 29, 2006 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: reliability and quality are great so far.
Cons: gas mileage isn't great, but now worse than other suv's
excellent fit and finish, low cabin noise. handles excellently for such a ruggedly built suv, it rides like a sedan but but is really off roadable, unlike most of the ... read more
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