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2007 xB

Overall rating:  Product Rating: 5.0

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Sweet first car for a younger buyer!

Feb 21, 2008 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Great on gas. Extremly roomy. Unique look and style.
Cons: Rude comments by people who don't like the car get annoying.
The Bottom Line: Toyota wanted to make a less expensive car for younger drivers. The xB is it.

This is the first new vehicle I purchased. I bought the car working at Burger King so that says a lot in itself. The price was right, and the car was everything I wanted. It comfortably sits me and four of my friends. I feel safe while driving it, and ... read more

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Grab one used while they last!

Oct 28, 2007 (A Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Stylish, unique looking, great on gas.
Cons: This model is no longer available brand new.
The Bottom Line: I definitely recommend this car because it is a huge deal for the money.

We are a middle income family trying to make it on one income so that the kids have at least one parent at home. This greats the need to save $$$ on gas. The problem with having three children who are now preteen, young teen and older teen is that ... read more

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Compact car with roomy interior

May 29, 2007 - Updated Sep 18, 2007 (A Very Helpful review)

Author's Product Rating: 40 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Small car outside, light, big back seat, good fuel economy
Cons: No trunk to speak of, cruise control inconveniently located
The Bottom Line: The Scion xB is a great daily beater, with good fuel economy. The back seat is ample for any purpose, but the trunk is very small.

I've been the proud owner of a 1984 Volkswagen Scirocco for a number of years. It's light and pretty fast, but not practical for a family man. After an emergency left me responsible for picking up my sick daughter at school, I started shopping. I ... read more

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Epinions Express Reviews
2008 Scion XB is a great car to own!
Jul 31, 2007 (Show)
Author's Product Rating: 50 Recommended: Yes 
Pros: Great car for the money, lots of features, great reliability.
Cons: The gas tank is larger so not as great for mileage.
The Scion XB has an all new style while keeping the old school XB idea and design. Not quite as boxy as before and lots of room inside and out. Great gas millage and drives well, looks great, and just fun to drive. The 2008 Scion XB has fun features ... read more
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