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  • Allegiant Air - The Airline You've Probably Never Heard of.

    Feb 19, 2009 by chelledun is a Top Reviewer on Epinions in Hotels & Travel
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: It is cheap, some will like the online raffle gimmick.
    Cons: Kinda dirty, completely chaotic boarding stressed me out.

    Summary: As a Southwest devotee and generally unpicky flier, I'm of the opinion that these days there is little distinction between most "budget" or "low cost" airlines and their more expensive legacy carrier counterparts.  Accor dingly, I was all abo ... read more

  • NO Customer service

    Sep 4, 2012 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Allegiant Air is cheaper than some airlines.  

    Summary: We have flown Allegiant Air several times but were never very impressed with their customer service.   We reported 2 hours early for our flight on July 5, 2012.  On arrival at the Toledo, OH airport, after checking ... read more

  • Avoid this airlines

    Sep 1, 2012 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Not one thing good about the airlines. It is not a bargain
    Cons: The plane was dirty, expensive and they LIE

    Summary: Flew from Sanford to Huntington. FLight was canceled after attempting to board a second plane following mechinal problems. Allegiant told everyone on board they would give hotel vouchers to two hotels of their choice in Sanford, but we would have to get ... read more

  • Cheap and Decent

    Aug 6, 2012 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Cheap
    Cons: Delayed flight
    Fees for everything
    Flight times

    Summary: This was my first time flying via Allegiant Air. We flew roundtrip from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Flight was on time and pleasant on the way to Vegas, and delayed 2 hours going back to Phoenix due to the battery being replaced in the plane from an earlier ... read more

  • Allegaint Steals Money,

    Aug 4, 2012 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: None
    Cons: They steal you money

    Summary: Before you read further understand this at a small airport (Eugene, OR to Los Angeles) that is not busy, and does not have hugh lines of people. There is no reason for the following other than the employees hiding away from the ticket counter in a ... read more

  • Cheap, but since "Time is Money" Did I really save?

    Jul 20, 2012 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Cheap Cost
    Cons: Frequent Delays. Staff? What Staff?

    Summary: "My first time flying Allegient, and it will be my last." That sentence popped up in most reviews I read about Allegient, unfortunately I was stuck in the airport waiting on our flight that had been delayed 4 HOURS at the time. So now I join the masses ... read more

  • Never, ever fly Allegiant Airlines!

    Apr 30, 2012 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Absolutely none
    Cons: Shoddy, deceptive business practices
    Exteremely rude tacket agents

    Summary: I just flew Allegiant Airlines for the first time, and it was the WORST experience I've ever had flying.  NEVER, EVER FLY ALLEGIANT!  To begin with, the outbound flight was 3 hours late.  Because I made my reservations back in February ... read more

  • It will be another airline next time.

    Apr 3, 2012 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Good rates.
    Cons: Abysmal customer service.

    Summary: My wife and I were scheduled to take an Allegiant flight on April 20th, but due to unforseen circumstances, we cannot travel that day. Since Allegiant has an ironclad no-refund policy, our only other option was to get a credit to travel at another time. ... read more


    Nov 27, 2011 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Prices ARE cheaper sometimes, even after the fees
    Cons: See above!

    Summary: Oh Allegiant Air, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...1) Their motto should be "you get what you pay for." They are a no frills airline which I wouldn't have a problem with of they weren't champions of no frills service, among other things. ... read more

  • Allegiant; What is your health, stress and safety worth to you?

    Jul 30, 2011 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Airplane staff nice. Save $15-$20 a flight as opposed to Alaska on routes i take.
    Cons: For same services more money than the competition.
    Old planes, noisy, no air exchangeso sickness.

    Summary: With Allegiant you can save some money, but in comparison with Alaska air,  which I find to be a decent airline with modern planes and conveniences you do not have to pay extra for, (such as 1 bag for $59.99), having to pay 17.99 for the ... read more

  • Confusing Itenerary will lose you money

    Dec 13, 2010 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: NONE
    Cons: Confusing itenerary, no customer service, lots of upcharges

    Summary: When booking a flight from Springfield, MO to Orlando, FL, the itenerary read Branson airport so of course my brother who I bought the ticket for went to  . . . you guessed it, the Branson airport.Upon arriving at the Branson airport, he was ... read more

  • F advertising

    Nov 14, 2010 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: bad bad bad bad bad bad, sucks sucks sucks dont use these guys.............
    Cons: I will never use these guys, doesn't matter how cheap ther flights are!........

    Summary: I was comparing price packages on different sites to fly from Bellingham to Las Vegas & on Alligiant Air (Sunday, Nov, 14,2010) they have advertised save $40.00 when booking Hotel & flight & "•Price is guaranteed, if you find a lower ... read more

  • Poor service

    Oct 13, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Cheap
    Cons: Poor management, indifference, antiquated methods, long hold times, grating advertising 

    Summary: Note:  I'm an executive assistant and I book travel frequently through a variety of websites, agents and airlines.  I ran into difficulty using, as it wouldn't accept his credit card (apparently because they use the ... read more


    Sep 30, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: I can't think of any.
    Cons: Lousy employees, worn out seat cushions that feel like sitting on board.

    Summary: They have the worst employees and customer service in the airline business and are the HOME OF THE OBNOXIOUS CABIN ATTENDANT. They have evidently hired the cast-offs from other airlines that represent the dregs of humanity. I have flown 3times ... read more

  • Do not Fly with Allegiant!!

    Aug 19, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Cheap bare-bones flight; not worth it
    Cons: Terrible customer service; penny-pinching methods

    Summary: This was the worst flying experience of my life. My husband and I were flying from Appleton, WI to Las Vegas. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 2:15 pm.  We boarded the plane, and sat in the extremely warm cabin for half an hour after our ... read more

  • Uh Oh, The Airplane Doesn't Work

    Aug 16, 2010 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: I didn't catch the Black Plague waiting at LAX all day and night.
    Cons: Website is a horror to navigate, and charges are added without proper explanation.

    Summary: I booked with Allegiant Airline hoping to save money, I heard they have great rates.  You certainly get what you pay for, both flights were over an hour late leaving, with the return flight a whopping 7 hours late.  There was a problem with ... read more


    Aug 16, 2010 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: Cheap Flights are NOT worth HORRIBLE service!
    Cons: Too many CONS to count!

    Summary: I am complaining because Allegiant Air is by far the worst airline I have ever dealt with. I believe they run a fraudulent operation that advertises and charges customers for seemingly cheap flights that are then charged hidden fees for everything ... read more

  • Cheap and good

    Apr 14, 2010 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: Direct flights (your luggage arrives with you).  Way cheaper than any alternative.
    Cons: Yes, everything costs extra (luggage, refreshments, priority booking and boarding), but still cheaper  

    Summary: I have not flown on a commercial airline since 1988.  Out of four flights between Grand Rapids, Mi. and Phoenix, Az., my luggage was lost every time.  On every flight, I had at least a two hour layover in various cities, turning a five hour ... read more


    Mar 15, 2010 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: direct flight
    great customer service at desk and attendants
    cheap snacks and drinks
    Cons: fluctuating prices
    plane was a little noisey
    need more food options

    Summary: I just have to write a review on our trip with Allegian Air from Roanoke, VA to St pete/Tampa, FL...we just took our flight on March, 10th, 2010 to March 13th, 2010...First of all we were nervous to fly this airline after reading all the NEGATIVE reviews ... read more

  • Allegiant Air - Great experience - beware of website

    Feb 15, 2010 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Cheap.  Uncrowded secondary airports.
    Cons: Limited schedules. 

    Summary: I booked a round-trip flight from Greensboro, NC to St. Petersburg/Clearwater.  We took the trip two weeks ago and had a great experience.  It wasn't until after I'd paid for the tickets, that I read some of the reviews available (on epinions ... read more

  • Stay Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oct 7, 2009 by
    Not yet rated.
    Pros: cheap.
    Cons: Dirty planes. Few staff. No customer service. Dishonest operations.

    Summary: This is the worst airline you will ever run across. The only way it could possibly be worse is if their planes did a kamikazi landing. They're cheap but you get what you pay for. Dirty planes. Most of the staff at their ticket counters are outsourced to ... read more

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